Aam Admi Party (AAP) making inround into National Politics?

Aam Admi Party
Only two phases of Loksabha election 2014 are remaining and on 16th May, we will come to know that who is going to make next government at the Centre. Now, any party or alliance may win this election, but one thing is coming out clearly that AAP has emerged as a strong national political party in India. So far, we don't have the results of Loksabha election; however, at numbers of places we can find good supporters of the AAP who are openly coming out in its support. In north India, we can see a good support base for AAP candidates. At numbers of Loksabha seats, AAP candidates have emerged very strongly and they are likely to gain good votes.

AAP has achieved something in very short time, which large numbers of political parties fail to achieve in many years. At 100 plus Loksabha seats, AAP candidates are going to get more than 10% votes. At this stage, it is hard to give a clear picture because actual results are still present inside EVM machines. Earlier, I was also doubtful of support of AAP among people; however, after travelling to numbers of places and getting feedback of many people, I have found that we can't simply write off AAP.

Now one thing is clear that people have voted for AAP, however, what are actual percentage of voters who have voted for AAP is not clear; therefore, we can't predict exact seats won by AAP. AAP's internal survey says that it will win 300 plus seats; though, I doubt it.

I can say, AAP has emerged a strong player in Indian politics and in the coming times, this party will add a tough fight to Congress and BJP. 

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