Punjab Assembly Election 2017 (Political Scenario)

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In the year of 2017, Punjab will go for assembly election and elects its new government. For the last nine years BJP-SAD alliance is in power and they will like to win the 2017 Punjab Assembly again. However, on the ground situation is not so simple for SAD-BJP to make a hit trick in Punjab. This time Punjab will see a tri-angular fight between BJP-SAD, AAP and Congress.

In Earlier assembly elections, It was a fight between BJP-SAD and Congress only. In the 2014 Loksaba election, AAP surprised many by winning 4 Loksaba seats. Punjab was the only state where AAP got any Loksaba seat. However, after the 2014 Loksabha election, many things have changed for AAP too. Recently, two of its MPs, and few leaders left APP thus making it weak in the state.

Congress is one of the main contenders for power in Punjab and they are waiting for the last ten years to win back the Punjab assembly election. Congress, high-command has put its trust on their old and tested solider Amarinder Singh. He as remained Chief Minister of Punjab and he is very popular in Punjab. In Loksabha election 2014, he defeated BJP's top most leader Arun Jaitely.

SAD and BJP depend on each other to win the Assembly election again in Punjab because both parties help the other party by increasing its vote share. SAD enjoys a good support among the Sikh voters, while BJP enjoys support base among the Hindu voters. When both these parties fight together, then they appeal to a large segment of voters in Punjab. However, this time this alliance will face anti-incumbency because of their ten year rule in the state.

After the BJP's victory Haryana some of BJP leaders were so excited that the expressed hopes of fighting the Punjab Assembly election alone. However, after BJP's recent defeats, it is unlikely that the BJP will risk going alone for the Punjab Assembly election.

Though, the elections in Punjab are one year away; however, all the political parties or alliances have started their poll campaigns so that they can attract more and more numbers of voters. Due to the tri-angular fight, the Punjab Assembly Election 2017 will present an exciting fight.

The main election issues in Punjab will be unemployment, drug abuse, corruption, poverty, poor condition of farmers, the development of rural areas, Religious matters. At present all political parties are making tall claims to vow the voters. However, the final results will tell what the voters of Punjab think.

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