Live Election Results Karnataka Assembly Election 2018

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Live update Karnataka Assembly Election 2017  has started. 

Starting live results of the Karnataka Assembly Election will be available on 15th May, 2018 after 8 AM (Indian Standard Time) IST.

Live update of Karnataka Assembly election 2018 has  started. (Do Refresh, this page if auto-refresh is not working).

Live News - Live update is ON, BJP got a majority as per Trends, BJP Ahead in initial trends, Chances of hung assembly are higher. 

For Karnataka Assembly Election Counting of votes has now started.

Update available till Time - 10:38 AM

Counting of Votes for Karnataka Assembly Election has started.

(Do Refresh this page, after 5 minutes if auto refresh is not working)

Live Result Karnataka Assembly Election 2018

Total Seats222
Results Available 222
Trends Available 0


Vote share partywise Gujarat Assembly election 2017

BJP - 41.7%
Congress -  40%
JDS - 12.1%

Live Results 

Total Seats0
Results Available 0
Trends Available 0


Vote Share Partywise Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2017-

Congress - 41.8 %
BJP -  48.5 %

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