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  In the last post, Who will win 2017 Punjab Assembly Election 2? We discussed about the various possibilities which can take shape. This time, we will see a straight fight between BJP-Akali Dal Combine, Congress and AAP. After many years, Punjab will see a triangular fight in the assembly elections. All three political parties and alliances are making claims of their win in the upcoming assembly elections, however, we all know that it is not going to be easy for any party or alliance. All the parties have put their whole energy in the election battle so that they can win this election. 

AAP's Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is in Punjab to promote his party and his party is going door to door in the Malwa belt of the Punjab because maximum numbers of seats come from this region. Congress, which is otherwise hopeful of win is also worried about the increasing influence of AAP and they know that AAP can play a role of game spoiler for Congress. Meanwhile, we do also have many election polls and survey results in front of us from media houses. 

Most of these surveys are pointing one thing clearly that Congress is more likely to emerge as single largest party in the state or win an absolute majority. However, there is also the contradiction in these surveys because some surveys are showing that AAP and BJP-Akali Dal as winners. 

However, if we combine all the surveys, then the results may go this way. Congress at first position, AAP at second and BJP-Akali Dal at third. But, it is common that results may come different than the surveys so we can wait till 11th March, 2017 to know the exact results. 

Punjab Assembly Election 2017 who will win Part 2 (Opinion Poll)

Punjab, Assembly Election, 2017, Punjab Election,
In the previous article "Who will win Punjab Assembly election 2017", I discussed options which were present last year. In the last six months, many things have changed and Punjab Assembly election 2017 are going for a tough battle between Congress, BJP-Akali Dal combine and AAP. All three parties/alliances are doing all things to attract the voters of Punjab. However, still today no one is perfectly sure that who will make next government in the state.

Today, many election surveys and opinion polls are present in front of us; however, all of them are giving contradictory results. Some surveys are predicting that Akali Dal-BJP alliance will once again make next government, while others are predicting that Congress will be a single largest political party in Punjab after the 2017 Assembly election. While some other surveys and internal surveys of AAP are saying that AAP is going to win 100 plus assembly seats in Punjab.

Therefore, we can say that picture about who will 2017 Punjab assembly election is still not clear and we will get the final results only on 11th March 2017.  Punjab Assembly has 117 seats and any political party needs to win 59 assembly seats to make next government in the state. BJP-Akali Dal is trying hard to win the 2017 assembly election so that they can retain the power for the third time; however, this alliance needs to face strong incumbency factor to win votes. Moreover, there are many segments of people unhappy with the SAD and BJP on numbers of issues like illegal mining, drug misuse, corruption and religious matters.

Congress is emerging as a strong contender; however, they lost the last assembly elections to Akali Dal-BJP. Congress is facing double competition from BJP-Akali Dal and AAP. This is for the first time when Punjab is a seeing a three party strong contest; therefore, most of the political observers are keeping their mouths shut. It is quite difficult to predict the exact results when there is a three side contest and all sides are strong. However, one thing comes out clearly that Congress has strong chances of emerging single largest political party in the assembly election.

AAP is giving a strong fight in Punjab and it is likely to win few assembly seats; however, a major difficulty with AAP is that it is not strong in assembly seats of Punjab. AAP is quite strong in the Malwa region of Punjab; however, in other regions, it may not be in the winning position.

However, it is quite difficult to get the exact trend because of a tough contest. We can wait till 11th March to see who will win and who will lose.

Who will win Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2017? (Poll Predictions/Opinion Poll)

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Uttar Pradesh is one of the most important states of India when we talk about the Indian political influence because this state has maximum numbers of Loksabha seats. Present, BJP government was only able to make government at the center because it won 71 Loksabha seats out of 80 seats in UP. Without this huge success, it was near to impossible for BJP to make a government at the center on its own. Again the whole atmosphere in UP is political because of the 2017 Assembly elections. These elections will decide who will become the next CM of UP. Last 2012 Assembly elections in UP were won by Samajwadi Party (SP) by winning 224 assembly seats out of 403. In this election, BJP won 46 seats, BSP 80 seats and Congress 28 seats.

In the 2012 assembly election, SP snatched power from BSP which was ruling the state for past 5 years. This time, the main fight in UP is between SP-Congress alliance, BJP and BSP. Just before the election, SP party joined hands with Congress and they are fight 298 and 105 seats respectively.  Samajwadi Party, which enjoys a strong base among Muslim and Yadav voters. This time again SP is depending on the same strategy. SP- Congress alliance is likely to consolidate Muslim voters and increase penetration among Dalit voters. Many latest political surveys suggest that SP-Congress alliance may get maximum vote share in UP from 30-36%. Samajwadi Party was also in the news because of its internal crisis between father-son Mulayam Singh and Akhilesh Yadav. Mulayam Singh Yadav is slightly unhappy with many outcomes like SP's alliance with Congress; however, most of the party looks to be with Akhilesh Yadav.

Second biggest challenger for SP-Congress alliance is the BJP, which showed an exceptional performance in 2014 Loksabha elections by winning more than 70 seats out of 80 in UP. If the people of UP vote similarly, then no one can stop BJP from winning Uttar Pradesh Assembly election. However, things have quite changed since and some segments of people were unhappy with few policies of BJP's government at the Centre. Also SP has joined hands with Congress and their vote share is likely to increase. BJP mainly depends on the votes of upper castes and OBC voters.

Third contender is BSP which will like to win this election so that they can return to power after 5 years. However, their path to success doesn't look so easy because to win this election BSP needs support of either Brahmins or Muslim voters which looks difficult at present.

In this three cornered contest, it is quite hard to predict the final outcome because a slight shift in vote shares can make a big difference. Different election surveys are giving different pictures; however, most of them are clear one thing that the main fight in UP will be between SP-Congress alliance and BJP.

For the final results of UP Assembly election 2017, we need to wait till 11th March 2017.

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Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2017 All Dates of Seven Phases

The biggest question in the mind of people of India is that who will win Uttar Pradesh Assembly election of 2017 because this assembly election in one of the biggest states in India will decide many new political outcomes. Not only, UP is one of biggest and most populous state of India; however, it is also one of the highly politicized state of India with many strong political parties in the state. Earlier Today, Election commission (EC) announced the dates of coming 2017 Assembly elections in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Present Uttar Pradesh assembly is going to expire on 27.05.2017; therefore, it was necessary for the Election Commission to conduct these elections before this date. Assembly Elections in the state of Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand will be conducted together. There are total 403 Assembly seats in Manipur and out of which 85 is reserved for Scheduled Castes (SC). Due to the large numbers of Assembly seats and tense situation at numbers of places, UP assembly election 2017 will take place in seven phases. As per the latest electoral rolls, the total population of voters in Uttar Pradesh is 138517026. Photo electoral rolls are mandatory for voting in these elections. Like earlier elections, Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) will be used for Uttar PRadesh Assembly Election 2017. Elections in Uttar Pradesh will be completed with the help of 128112 polling stations spread across Uttar Pradesh. More than 99.70% voters in UP have Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC). The election commission has introduced toll free number 1950 for registering complains related to Election. 
Utter Pradesh Assembly Election 2017 will take place in seven phases. 

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UTTAR PRADESH Assembly Election 2017 Schedule 

UP Assembly Election 2017 Important Dates Phase 1
Date of Notification- 17.01.2017 (TUE)
Last Date of Nomination- 24.01.2017 (TUE)
Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 25.01.2017 (WED)
Last Date of Withdrawal- 27.01.2017 (FRI)
Date of Poll- 11.02.2017 (MON)

UP Assembly Election 2017 Important Dates Phase 2

Date of Notification- 20.01.2017 (FRI)
Last Date of Nomination- 27.01.2017 (FRI)
Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 30.01.2017 (MON)
Last Date of Withdrawal- 01.02.2017 (WED)
Date of Poll- 15.02.2017 (WED)

UP Assembly Election 2017 Important Dates Phase 3

Date of Notification- 24.01.2017 (TUE)
Last Date of Nomination- 31.01.2017 (TUE)
Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 01.02.2017 (WED)
Last Date of Withdrawal- 03.02.2017 (FRI)
Date of Poll- 19.02.2017 (SUN)

UP Assembly Election 2017 Important Dates Phase 4

Date of Notification- 30.01.2017 (MON)
Last Date of Nomination- 06.02.2017 (MON)
Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 07.02.2017 (TUE)
Last Date of Withdrawal- 09.02.2017 (THU)
Date of Poll- 23.02.2017 (THU)

UP Assembly Election 2017 Important Dates Phase 5

Date of Notification- 02.02.2017 (THU)
Last Date of Nomination- 09.02.2017 (THU)
Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 10.02.2017 (FRI)
Last Date of Withdrawal- 13.02.2017 (MON)
Date of Poll- 27.02.2017 (MON)

UP Assembly Election 2017 Important Dates Phase 6

Date of Notification- 07.02.2017 (TUE)
Last Date of Nomination- 14.02.2017 (TUE)
Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 16.02.2017 (THU)
Last Date of Withdrawal- 18.02.2017 (SAT)
Date of Poll- 04.03.2017 (SAT)

UP Assembly Election 2017 Important Dates Phase 7

Date of Notification- 09.02.2017 (THU)
Last Date of Nomination- 16.02.2017 (THU)
Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 17.02.2017 (FRI)
Last Date of Withdrawal- 20.02.2017 (MON)
Date of Poll- 08.03.2017 (WED)

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