Who will win Karnataka Assembly Election 2013? Live Election Results (updates)

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Tomorrow, vote counting for 2013 Karnataka Assembly election will take place and this vote counting will determine who will rule Karnataka Assembly election for next five years. In 2008 Karnataka Assembly election, BJP did a miracle under the leadership of B S Yeddyurappa by winning Karnataka state assembly election. This was for first time when BJP came to power in any Southern state of India. There are total of 224 assembly seats in Karnataka and any party or alliance needs support of 113 MLAs to form next government in next state. The main fight in Karnataka is between Congress, BJP, JD(S) and KJP (Karnataka Janta Party). The major disadvantages for BJP are anti-incumbency factor and formation of new political party by its former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa.

 What Exit Polls Predicts? 

 All exit polls have given similar results by declaring Congress winner in this election. As per the exit polls available Congress is likely to win 100 to 120 seats in state. Both BJP and JD (S) are given seats in the range of 50 to 60. According to these exit polls, KJP will not able to make any major gains and its seats will be in the range of 5 to 15.

 What can go wrong? 

Many experts believe that selection of many candidates by Congress for current assembly elections is wrong; therefore, they can lose some seats due to this factor. Further numbers of news of internal fights within Congress have emerged in Karnataka which can decrease its prospects of winning some seats.

 If both BJP and JD (S) succeed in winning 50 plus seats then they can form a coalition government in Karnataka. Therefore, all is not well for Congress as it may seem. Within few hours, we will get exact results of Karnataka Assembly election 2013 and these results will clear actual picture in state.

 For live Coverage of Karnataka Assembly Election 2013 check Below after 8 AM tomorrow.

 Live Results Karnataka Assembly Election 2013

Final Result

Total Seats  -    224
Trends Available -   0
Results Available -   223

Party                  Leading      Won      Total

Congress                 0           121        121
BJP                      0           40         40
JD(S)                    0           40         40
KJP                      0           6          6
Others                   0           16         16

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