Does Congress and AAP as accepted Defeat in Loksabha Election 2014?

All exit poll results have gone in the favour of BJP lead NDA and, if we go by exit polls then it looks that BJP and NDA is heading for their biggest win in Loksabha election ever. After the results of exit polls for Loksabha election 2014, it looks that both Congress and AAP have accepted defeat.

First reaction from most of the opposition parties was denial of Exit poll results; however, soon many of the leaders of AAP and Congress started showing sign of defeat. First it was AAP's kumar Vishwas who said that it was bad decision of Arvind Kejrewal to resign from Delhi government and AAP may suffer in Loksabha election because of this decision.

Second, it was senior leader and political analyst Yogendra Yadav who said on NDTV that it will be wrong to not accept exit poll results. Similarly, some of Congress leaders have already came forward in the support of Rahul Gandhi in case of Congress loses. As per news, Rahul Gandhi has left for oversees and he will not be available during Loksabha results.

All these actions and statements clearly indicate that to some extent AAP and Congress has expected defeat in Loksabha election 2014. Though, we can wait till tomorrow to find actual results of Loksabha Election 2014 and to see who will be final winner. 

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