Schedule and Time Table Delhi Assembly Election 2015 and By Election Loksabha and Assembly

Schedule, Time Table, Delhi, Assembly Election, 2015
Delhi Assembly Election 2015
Today, the election commission of India announced the dates of polls in Delhi and for Loksabha and Assembly By-elections. Voting in Delhi 2015 Assembly polls will take place on 7th Feb, 2015 and voting for BY-election will take place on 13th Feb, 2015.

The counting of votes will take place on 10th Feb, 2015 for Delhi Assembly election and 16th Feb, 2015 for the By-election.

In Delhi, there are total 70 Assembly seats and out of which 12 are reserved for SCs.

The total number of voters in Delhi is 13085251. To conduct these polls free and fair, 11763 polling stations will be made in Delhi.

In Delhi assembly election 2015 voters will get Basic Minimum Facilities (BMF) like drinking water, shed, toilet, ramp for the physically challenged voters and a standard voting compartment etc.

People can call toll free number 1950 for any complaint regarding Delhi Assembly Election 2015.

Complete Schedule and Time Table of Delhi Assembly Election 2015-

Date of Notification -   14-01-15
Last date of Nomination -  21-01015
Date of Scrutiny -   22-01-15
Last Date of Withdrawal - 24-01-15
Date of Poll - 07-02-15
Date of Counting - 10-02-15

With Delhi Assembly Election, By-elections for one Loksabha Seat and six assembly seats in six states will take place

Loksabha Polls Byelectio - 

Bangaon (SC)   West Bengal

Assembly Polls Byelection-

Liromoba (ST)   Anunachal Pradesh
Panaji                  Goa
Srirangam           Tamilnadu
Krishnaganj (SC)   West Bengal
Mukhed               Maharashtra
Tirupati               Andhra Pradesh

Schedule for Loksabha and Assembly By-Election 2015

Date of Notification -   19-01-15
Last date of Nomination -  27-01015
Date of Scrutiny -   28-01-15
Last Date of Withdrawal - 30-01-15
Date of Poll - 13-02-15
Date of Counting - 16-02-15


Who will win 2015 Delhi Assembly Election? Exit/Opinion Poll

Delhi Assembly Election, Delhi, Assembly Election, 2015,
Delhi assembly elections are expected in next month this year. Last assembly election in Delhi took place on 4th December 2013. In this election, no political won a majority and therefore, we saw Aam Admi Party (AAP) for 49 days with the outside support of Congress.

Delhi has a total of 70 Assembly seats; therefore, any political party or alliance needs to win 36 seats to make next government. In the 2013 Delhi assembly election, the BJP was the biggest party with 31 assembly seats,  AAP won 28 seats, Congress 8 seats and others 3 seats only.

2013 Delhi assembly elections came as biggest setback to Congress party as it won only 8 seats after winning three assembly elections of 1998, 2003 and 2008 in Delhi.

AAP was the biggest gainer in 2013 Assembly election, as it entered in Delhi assembly for the first time with 28 assembly seats.

Now Delhi will see a new assembly election in the month of February this year. The election commission of India is likely to announce these elections in next few days

Now the biggest question in front of is that who will win the Delhi assembly election 2015. The main fight in Delhi Assembly Election 2015 will be between Congress, BJP and AAP.

At present all political parties are claiming their win; however, the final result will tell who is going to make next government in Delhi.

If we go by the trends of Loksabha election 2015, BJP looks to have an edge in the Delhi assembly election because BJP won all 7 Loksabha seats.

Thought, lots of things have changed till the last Loksabha election. These elections present do or die situation for the AAP because if it failed to repeat or improve its performance then AAP will become very weak.

For Congress, these elections provide a second chance to improve their chances; therefore, Congress is taking no chances and they have already started their election campaign.

BJP is also not taking these elections lightly and they are planning to campaign in a big way to confirm win these elections.

We also have few opinion polls and exit polls held in last months of 2014 which predict a clear edge for the BJP in the 2015 Delhi assembly election.

Predictions of Delhi Assembly Election 2015

BJP         35-45
Congress 10-17
AAP        12-20
Other        3-5

However, the exact results of Delhi assembly election 2015 will only be available after the completion of the elections and then we will see who is the actual winner. 

Exit Poll Results Jharkhand and Jammu Kashmir Assembly Election 2014

Jharkhand, Jammu Kashmir, Assembly Poll, 2014
To Check Live Results of Jharkhand and Jammu Kashmir Click Here

Today, with the completion of the last phase of assembly election 2014 in Jharkhand and Jammu Kashmir, five phase voting has come to end. Now we will get the final results of election on 23rd December after 8 AM when the counting will start.

At present, we have exit poll results from various news and survey agencies. As per these exit polls, BJP can make next government in Jharkhand while it will be hung assembly in Jammu Kashmir whereas PDP will emerge single largest political party as per the exit polls.

As per these Exit Poll Results for the Jharkhand (Total Assembly Seats 81)

All exit polls are predicting BJP's win in the Jharkhand assembly election.

BJP will get 42 to 54
Congress 4-9
JMM 14-19
others 8-11

In Jammu Kashmir out of 87 Assembly seats, the major political parties will get

PDP  32 to 38 seats,
BJP 27-33 seats,
Congress 4-10
NC 8-15

This trend shows that PDP will emerge single largest political party in the state and BJP will be the biggest gainer in state. However, no single party will be able to make next government in Jammu Kashmir on its own. To make a government in the state, two or more political parties are required to come together.

Jharkhand Assembly Election 2014 (Who will Win?) Opinion Poll

Jharkhand, Assembly Election, 2014,
To Check Live Results of Jharkhand and Jammu Kashmir Click Here

Jharkhand assembly election 2014 have just started. These elections will be completed by the election commission of India in five phases. Final results of Jharkhand assembly polls will be declared on 23rd Dec 2014 with the counting of votes.

Now, there is only one question in everybodies mind that who will win these elections in Jharkhand. The main fight in Jharkand is between the BJP, JMM (Jharkhand Mukti Morcha) and Congress; though, we can't rule out other small parties and independents in Jharkhand.

There is a total of 81 assembly seats in Jharkhand and any political party or alliance needs support of 41 MLAs to form the next government.

In last Assembly election in 2009, 20 seats were won by small parties and independent candidates. In this election BJP won 18 seats, JMM 18 and Congress 13.

At present Hemant Soran of JMM is running government in the state with the support of Congress and RJD.

Few months back in Loksabha Election 2014, BJP won 12 Loksabha seats out of 14 seats. 2 remaining seats were won by JMM.

BJP will again like to repeat this success in the Assembly Election too; however, so far, it has failed to do so in past.

After making a good success in Haryana and Maharashtra, BJP will definitely see for the same opportunity in Jharkhand.

If we take Loksabha election trends, then BJP looks to have the edge in Jharkhand. Anti-incumbency against the present government of JMM and Congress will also help BJP to gain more votes.

Final, Results of Jharkhand will be available in front of us on 23rd Dec then we will come to know that who is the real winner of Jharkhand.

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