BJP heading for Historical win in Loksabha Election 2014

From the trends of Loksabha election 2014, it is now clear that BJP is heading for historic win. BJP lead NDA is presently ahead in 310 Loksabha seats and BJP is ahead in 250 plus seats.

If BJP wins more than 250 seats in Loksabha election 2014 then it will be first time when BJP will cross 200 seats mark in Loksabha election. The main highlight of this victory of exceptionally better performance of BJP and exceptionally bad performance of Congress.

As per the trends, Congress and its alliance is not going to cross 100 seats in Loksabha. Overall, it is a great win for Narendra Modi and it looks that people of India have voted for development and stable government at the centre. 

Voting Counting for The Loksabha Election2014 and Assembly Election of Telanagana, Seemandhra, Odisha and Sikkim has started

Finally, the Vote Counting for the Loksabha Election2014 and Assembly Election of Telanagana, Seemandhra, Odisha and Sikkim has started. It is a tough job to count millions of votes; however, the Election commission of India is doing it perfectly every time. Now we can hope that first trend of Loksabha election will be available with us very shortly. Because of Electronic Voting Machines, the time of Vote counting has considerably decreased and we get results fast. Vote counting for Loksabha Election will take place at more than 900 counting stations spread across India.

Before, the results of Loksabha election, we can expect Assembly election result because in assembly election less numbers of votes  are required to be counted. All live results and trends will be updated on this site, as soon as they will become available.

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Vote Counting for Loksabha Election 2014 and all Assembly Elections to start in Less than one Hour

Vote Counting for Loksabha Election 2014 and Assembly election of Odisha, Telangana, Seemandhra and Sikkim to start in less than one hour. At present counting staff is busy in managing EVMs machines. After 7 AM political party observers will be allotted seats inside counting centre so that they can check that counting is taking place properly and their is no wrong practice going on during the Counting.

At most of counting stations across India, counting of votes will start by 8 AM with first counting of postal votes; though at some places there may be some delay in start of vote counting due to different technical and technical issues.

Voting Counting for Loksabha Election 2014 to Take Place Tomorrow after 8 AM

Tomorrow is a big day for Indian politics because tomorrow, we will get results of recently completed Loksabha elections. At present whole of world and all Indians are waiting for the results of Loksabha election so that everyone can know who will be the next prime minister of India.

India is the biggest democracy of the world with more than 823 million voters. Indian Election commission completed these elections successfully in nine phases. Now, only wait is for the results of Loksabha election.

The counting of Votes for each Loksabha constituency will start at 8 AM with first counting of postal votes. We can expect trends of Loksabha Election within first hour because of Electronic voting machines. Final results may take few hours because of different complexities.

Exit polls have given win to BJP lead NDA; however, we will get to know real results only tomorrow.

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