Monday, April 21, 2014

Is it Modi Lehar (Wave) in Loksabha Election 2014 or Something Else?

Modi wave, lehar,, Narendra modi, BJP
Modi Lehar
Presently, India is going through biggest poll of the year that is Loksabha Election 2014. With these elections, Indian voters will choose their next government at the Centre. Still, many phases of Loksabha election are still pending. The final results of of Loksabha election 2014 will be declared on May 16, 2014.

Many news and survey agencies conducted numbers of opinion and survey polls to determine which party or alliance will win. Most of these polls and surveys gave BJP lead NDA a lead; however, very less numbers of polls actually gave NDA an absolute majority.

The interesting factor in these surveys and opinion polls is that they show that BJP lead NDA popularity is on the rise due to Modi Lehar (a wave). Now most of TV channels are also reporting same that there is a small to moderate wave in the favour of Modi in Loksabha election 2014.

Today, no one can doubt the high popularity of Narendra Modi among people. Throughout India, he was the number one choice of people for the post of Prime Minister as per all surveys conducted so far.

On the other hand, opposition parties blame the media for created this hype in the favor Narendra Modi. Arvind Kejrewal of AAP is most vocal with such remarks on Indian media.

Now what is that reality? Do Modi wave or lehar really exist?

It is very difficult to provide an exact answer because Indian politics is very complex by its nature and it is not easy to predict completely the mood of people. However, one thing is very clear that with the announcement of Narendra Modi's name for PM post by BJP, a strong and positive wave has circulated among BJP voters.

Second useful point in the favour of Narendra Modi is strong anti-incumbency factor. A large numbers of Indian voters are looking for a change. As a strong candidate, Modi is likely to gain votes of many such voters.

The Indian voters want a change and they want to support a leader who can make their lives better.

Modi has presented himself as a development oriented political leader; therefore, he is likely to win young voters.

Overall, we can say that Modi has many things in his favour; however, it will also be right to not give it a name of strong wave or lehar.

To know the exact answer, we are required to wait till 16th May, 2014. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Your Opinion Counts, Cast your Vote and make India strong

Cast your vote, Loksabha election, 2014
Today, I felt very proud and happy when I saw a great enthusiasm in people for casting their vote in Loksabha election 2014. All elections are conducted around the world to know the opinion of people because in a democratic country, it is the common people who decide next government.

Today, more and more numbers of people are becoming aware of their right and they don't miss an opportunity to cast their vote. The only method available in front of people to make strong democracy is to cast a vote.

By properly using the power of the vote, common people can change the look of whole nations and Indian politics. Earlier, people were either not aware of this power or they were in the condition of doubt.

Many people have this belief that what a single vote can do? However, now people know that a single vote when combined with millions of other single votes can create a history.

If we want to make our democracy strong, then it is our duty to cast our vote and make the democratic system of India stronger.

Today, the level of awareness is very high among the common people and it is not possible for political parties and leaders to fool them.

As the people of India will start using their votes in a right way, soon we will see pressure on Indian politicians to perform and deliver.

Still at numbers of places, we can find few people divided on the communal and caste lines, this is bad. I hope that people will only vote for a candidate who is good and not a candidate who is from their caste or community ore religion.

India is a multi-religion, multi-caste nation and we can't allow leaders to divide us and steal our votes.

Today's public wants answers from politicians and it knows very well wrong tactics used by politicians to easily win elections.

Therefore, I hope that every Indian will vote freely in Loksabha election 2014 and choose a better government for us.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rakhi Sawant's Entry into Politics, Will you vote for her and Will Rakhi Swant win Loksabha election 2014?

Rakhi Sawant, Loksabha poll, 2014,
Rakhi Sawant is one such actress who knows perfectly well to get how to get publicity or how to remain in the news? This time, she is in the news for her reason to fight Loksabha election 2014.

She will be contesting from Mumbai North-West constituency. She has even created a new political party with Name "Rashtriya Aam Party (RAAP)" and her election symbol is green Chili.

Rakhi's says that she has decided to enter politics after her supporters and people of her asked her to fight elections. She further said that she is very unhappy with the current working style of leaders and politicians; therefore, she decided to enter politics herself.

Confident Rakhi Swant can be seen on multiple TV channels promoting her new political party and taking part in political debates.

Earlier, Rakhi Swant was in the support of BJP and she still endorses Narindra Modi. She says that she was offered an election ticket from Srirampur in West Bengal; however, she refused because she wanted to contest from Mumbai or from a Hindi speaking belt.

Rakhi Sawant claims that if she will be given a chance, she will emerge as a good leader and work for the welfare of people.
Rakhi Sawant, Loksabha poll, 2014, Mumbai

The fight for Mumbai North-West seat will not be easy for Rakhi Sawant because she will have to contest against Gurudas Kamat of Congress and Former Union Minister, Gajanan Kirtikar of Shiv Sena, Mahesh Manjrekar of MNS, Kamaal R Khan of SP and Mayank Gandhi of AAP.

Despite all these candidates, one thing is sure that Rakhi Sawant has emerged as one of the hottest candidates for this seat and she can give a good fight.

However, on the question for her win, there is a big question suspense?

Rakhi Sawant enjoys a huge popularity in India and now, it depends that she succeeds in converting this popularity into votes or not.

Whether Rakhi Sawant wins or not? But one thing is clear that she has glamorized Looksabha election 2014.

You can register your opinion below in the comment section that Rakhi Sawant will win or not? 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why Honest and Ordinary people don't come into politics?

Mostly, our politicians in Indian are seen as corrupt people who come to power to make money and increase their influence. Moreover, all this doesn't stop at corruption, many of these politicians are involved in heinous crimes too.

Due to this reason, we all ask this question that Why Honest and Ordinary people don't come into politics?
honest candidates, loksaba election 2014

I always tried to find answers to this question and after so many years, I have got few answers.

Today, Indian politics has become very dirty due to the presence of corrupt and dishonest leaders. To make all this worse, a good number of such leaders are involved in various crimes.

We can solve this problem by sending honest and good leaders in parliament and state assemblies. However, unfortunately not many good and honest people come into politics and if some tries to come then they never succeed.

Have you ever thought, what is the reason behind it?

Here are few reasons discovered by me

1) Need of Huge Wealth- The number one reason is requirement of huge wealth for fighting an election.  Though, the election commission has issued notification for use of maximum money in an election; however, most of candidates spend many times of this limit. Therefore, the cost of fighting an election crosses many crores which most of honest and good people can't afford.

The use of black money is very common and corrupt leader uses everything to attract voters. They give voters' money, alcohol, good food and some many such things to lure voters.

The money is circulated so smartly and innovatvely that such leaders never got caught and they succeed in influencing people to great extent.

2) Use of Religion and Caste - In India, it is very common to use religion and caste for influencing voters. Political parties and leaders are doing it very smart to influence a larger base of voters in the name of religion and caste. Just below elections, parties and politicians try to divide people on the name of caste and religion so that they can gain easy votes.

People are made to believe that only a leader of their caste or religion can benefit them and due to deep rooted religious and caste hatreds such practices become successful in Indian culture.

An honest and good leader will never use such practices and he will see everyone equally.

3) Use of False or luring Promises - Before elections, every leader and political party make many false and luring promises to attract voters. Many voters get carried away by such false and luring promises and give their votes to the wrong candidates.

It is important for voters to see long term gains over short term gain and not vote for such leaders who try to gain their votes by making false or luring promises.

4) Use of Power and Threat - In many parts of India, there are still many leaders who are involved in crime or they support criminals. At the time of election, such leaders use their influence and try to threaten voters.

A good and honest leader never uses any of above mentioned tricks or methods to win an election; therefore, it becomes very difficult for a good and honest leader to enter into politics and win elections.

To a large extent, we voters are responsible for all this because we support wrong candidates over better candidates,

In the 2014 Loksabha election, I expect from people that they will vote for good candidates and if they don't find a good candidate then they should select none of the above candidates.

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