Voter Turnout Constituency Wise Punjab Assembly Election 2012

Below people can find exact vote percentage or turnout of Voters in all constituencies of Punjab for Assembly Election 2012. Yesterday, Punjab saw a historic assembly election with higher percentage of voting. As per data, more than 77% voter turnout took place for these elections which shows a very positive response by voters of Punjab for Punjab Assembly Election 2012. This high percentage of voting has surprised many political observers and parties because now it has become more hard to predict final outcome of Election. Though some of constituencies like Fatehgarh Churian Voters Turnout 24%, Derra Bassi Voter Turnout 40%, Kharar Voter Turnout 48%, Amritsar South Voter Turnout 47%, Dera Baba Nanak Voter Turnout 44% and Jandiala Voter Turnout 48% showed very less voting percentage. Higher voting percentage is reported from Malerkotla (87%), Amargarh (85%), Bucha Mandi (83%), Giddarbaha (83%), Faridkot (83%) and Lambi (86%) was very interesting sign. This higher turnout further tells that voters of Punjab are very responsible when it comes to voting.

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Get Live Result Coverage of 2012 Assembly Election held in Uttar Pradesh (UP), Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur

Look on 2012 Punjab Assembly Election opinion Polls

Many news papers, magazines and TV channels have released their opinion poll results for Punjab Assembly Election 2012. Mostly, opinion polls remain in controversy because losing parties according to them do not trust them. Despite this opinion polls are very common in India and many big news papers, TV channels conduct such surveys with the help of leading research agencies. Punjab is going to vote for 2012 Assembly election on 30th January and it will seal fate of Akali BJP and Congress. If we go by history then people of Punjab like to vote for alternate governments and all opinions polls are also pointing towards this outcome. Most of these opinions like my opinion poll  Who will win Punjab Assembly Election 2012? Opinion Poll  are giving to advantage to Congress in this election.

 Congress is happy and it has accepted this verdict of opinion polls while Akali Dal and BJP are rubbishing these polls. Though, we do not have any method to exact method to conclude whether these poll results will be right or not; however, one thing is clear that all these opinion polls are predicting one and same thing that Congress will get advantage of Anti-incumbency factor in this election while Akali BJP alliance will suffer.
Get Live Result Coverage of 2012 Assembly Election held in Uttar Pradesh (UP), Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur

Condition of BJP in Punjab 2012 Assembly Election

One of biggest question of all times is that will BJP will be available repeat 2007 Punjab Assembly Election success again in 2012 Punjab Assembly Election. In 2007 Punjab Assembly Election, BJP won 19 seats out of 23 seats contested by it and it was anyway a great performance by It and one of its best performance in Punjab. In these elections, Akali Dal Won only 48 seats which were 11 seats less than magic figure of 59 for making government in Punjab; therefore, BJP played crucial role in formation of Akali BJP government in Punjab.

BJP got major advantage from this alliance and many of its MLA became ministers in Akali BJP government. Therefore, it was great opportunity in the hands of BJP to do something for their supporters. However, it looks that BJP failed to take advantage of this situation. Moreover, corruption charges against some of its ministers shattered clean image of BJP. Under such situations, it looks that it is going very difficult for BJP to repeat same success and it is likely to loss many seats which it presently hold. Now how bad BJP will perform, we are required to wait till results to see it.

Any loss of BJP will clearly be a gain of Congress; therefore, Congress is likely to perform well in strong hold of BJP. If this happened then it will be great jolt for BJP and it needs to correct its weak points. 2009 Loksabha election provides some glimpse of it when BJP won only 1 Loksabha seat out of 3 contested by it. Overall, it looks that there is negative sentiment against BJP which will hurt it badly. How much damage BJP will suffer, it is going to be seen in future.
Get Live Result Coverage of 2012 Assembly Election held in Uttar Pradesh (UP), Punjab, Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur

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