Who will be the king of Varanasi?

Loksabha Election varanasi, In the last phase of Loksabha election, people of Varanasi will vote for Loksabha Election 2014. Varanasi Loksabha constituency has come into limelight because of BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi contesting from this seat. AAP's Arvind Kejrewal is contesting against Narendra Modi in Varanasi because he wants to defeat him.

Loksabha ELection, varanssiCongress has put local leader Ajay Rai against Modi in Varanasi. Other political parties like SP, BSP and TMC have also put their candidates to stop Narendra Modi from winning. AAP's is making every effort to win the support of voters in Varansi through door to door campaigns and Arvind Kejrewal is himself leading this campaign. He is very confident of his win from Varansi; though, we will only know the results on 16th May.

On the other hand, Congress is doing all efforts to gain support in the favor of their candidate. Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi did an impressive 12 KM long road show to show strength of Congress. Similarly, CM Akhilesh Yadav did a roadshow to gather support for SP candidate.

Overall, all opposition parties are in a fight with the only single aim to defeat Narendra Modi. Every political party, including BJP had succeeded in showing their strength through big rallies and roadshow; however, what will be the actual results that we will only come to know on 16th May.

Here one thing is in the favor of Narendra Modi that opposition votes are likely to split between so many parties thus giving an edge to Narindra Modi.

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