List of All Winning Candidates Karnataka Assembly Election 2013

Below find list of all winning candidates of recently held Karnataka Assembly Election 2013. This list will be updated as new Results will become available. All declared results can be found below and refresh this page for any new update.

Constituency     Name of Winning Candidate (Party)         Winning margin

 Afzalpur  MALIKAYYA VENKAYYA GUTTEDAR (Congress)   won by 5238 votes
 Aland  BHOJARAJ RAMCHANDRA (KJP) won by 17114 votes
 Anekal  SHIVANNA B.  (Congress)  won by 40182
 Arabhavi  BALACHANDRA LAXMANRAO JARKIHOLI (BJP) won by 75221 votes 
 Arkalgud  MANJU A  (Congress)  won by 8794 votes
 Arsikere  K.M.SHIVALINGE GOWDA  (JDS)  won by 29631 votes 
 Athani  LAXMAN SANGAPPA SAVADI  (BJP)  won by 23771 votes
 Aurad  PRABHU B. CHAVAN (BJP)  won by 23191 votes
 B.t.m layout  RAMALINGAREDDY (Congress) won by 49048 votes
 Babaleshwar    M.B.PATIL (Congress) won by 4355 votes
 Badami  CHIMMANAKATTI BALAPPA BHIMAPPA (Congress)  won by 15113 votes
 Bagalkot  METI HULLAPPA YAMANAPPA  (Congress)   won by 2900 votes
 Bagepalli  S.N SUBBAREDDY(CHINNAKAYALAPALLI)  (IND)  won by 30755 votes
 Bailhongal  VISHWANATH I PATIL  (KJP)  won by 3621 votes
 Bangalore South  M. KRISHNAPPA  (BJP)  won by 30162 votes
 Bangarapet  S.N.NARAYANASWAMY.K.M  (Congress)  won by 28377 votes
 Bantval  B.RAMANATHA RAI (Congress) won by 17850 votes
 Basavakalyan  MALLIKARJUN SIDRAMAPPA KHUBA (JDS)  won by 15893 votes
 Basavana Bagevadi  SHIVANAND S PATIL  (Congress)  won by 19676 votes
 Basavanagudi  RAVI SUBRAMANYA.L.A. (BJP)  won by 19720 votes 
 Belgaum Dakshin   SAMBHAJI LAKSHMAN PATIL (Ind)   won by 6310 votes
 Belgaum Rural  SANJAY B PATIL (BJP)  won by 1335 votes
 Belgaum Uttar  FAIROZ NURUDDIN SAITH  (Congress) won by 18210 votes
 Bellary  B. SREERAMULU (BSRCP)  won by 33294 votes
 Bellary City  ANIL LAD  (Congress)  won by 18200 votes 
 Belthangady   K. VASANTHA BANGERA (Congress)   won by 15741 votes
 Belur  Y.N RUDRESHA GOWDA  (Congress)  won by 7529 votes
 Bhadravati  APPAJI. M.J  (JDS)   won by 44099 votes
 Bhalki  ESHWARA S/O BHIMANNA KHANDRE  (Congress)  won by 9669 votes 
 Bhatkal    MANKALA SUBBA VAIDYA  (Ind)   won by 9884 votes
 Bidar  GURUPADAPPA NAGAMARPALLI  (KJP)  won by 2571 votes
 Bidar South  ASHOK KHENY  (KMP)   won by 15788 votes
 Bijapur City    MAKBUL S BAGAWAN (congress)   won by 9380 votes
 Bilgi  J . T. PATIL (Congress)  won by 11238 votes
 Bommanahalli  SATHISH REDDY.M  (BJP) won by 25852 votes
 Byadgi    BASAVARAJ NEELAPPA SHIVANNANAVAR (Congress)   won by 13359 votes
 Byatarayanapura  KRISHNA BYRE GOWDA  (Congress)  won by 32400 votes 
 Byndoor  K.GOPALA POOJARY (Congress)   won by 31149 votes
 C.V. Raman Nagar  S. RAGHU  (BJP)  won by 8462 votes 
 Challakere  T RAGHUMURTHY  (Congress)  won by 23123 votes
 Chamaraja    VASU  (Congress)   won by 12915
 Chamarajanagar  C.PUTTARANGASHETTY  (Congress)  won by 11196 votes
 Chamrajpet  B.Z.ZAMEER AHMED KHAN  (JDS)  won by 30162 votes
 Chamundeshwari  G.T. DEVE GOWDA  (JDS)  won by 7103 votes
 Channagiri  VADNAL RAJANNA  (Congress)  won by 1773 votes
 Channapatna   C P YOGESHWARA (SP)  won by 6464 votes
 Chickpet   R.V. DEVRAJ   (Congress)   won by 13059 votes
 Chikkaballapur  DR. K SUDHAKAR  (Congress)   won by 15048 votes
 Chikkodi-Sadalga  PRAKASH BABANNA HUKKERI  (Congress)  won by 76588 votes
 Chikmagalur  C T RAVI  (BJP)  won by 10988 votes 
 Chiknayakanhalli  C.B.SURESHBABU  (JDS)  won by 11139 votes
 Chincholi  DR UMESH G JADAV  (Congress)  won by 26060 votes
 Chintamani  J.K.KRISHNAREDDY  (JDS)  won by 1773 votes
 Chitradurga  G.H.THIPPAREDDY  (BJP)  won by 26718 votes
 Chittapur  PRIYANK KHARGE  (Congress)  won by 31191 votes
 Dasarahalli  S MUNIRAJU  (BJP)  won by 10828 votes
 Davanagere North  S S MALLIKARJUNA  (Congress)  won by 57280 votes 
 Davanagere South  SHAMANUR SHIVASHANKARAPPA (Congress)  won by 40158 votes
 Devadurga  A. VENKATESH NAIK  (congress)  won by 3700 votes
 Devanahalli  PILLA MUNISHAMAPPA  (JDS)  won by 1942 votes
 Devar Hippargi  AMINAPPAGOUDA SANGANAGOUDA PATIL  (Congress)  won by 8096 votes
 Dharwad  VINAY KULKARNI  (Congress)  won by 18320 votes
 Doddaballapur  T.VENKATARAMANAIAH   (Congess)  won by 1447 votes
 Gadag  H K PATIL  (Congress)  won by 33727 votes
 Gandhi Nagar  DINESH GUNDU RAO  (Congress)   won by 22607 votes
 Gangawati  IQBAL ANSARI  (JDS)  won by 29789 votes
 Gauribidanur     N H SHIVASHANKARA REDDY  (Congress) won by 5773 votes
 Gokak  JARKIHOLI RAMESH LAXMANRAO (Congress)  won by 28005 votes
 Govindraj Nagar  PRIYAKRISHNA  (Congress)  won by 42460 votes
 Gubbi  S R SHRINIVAS (VASU)  (JDS)  won by 7244 votes 
 Hadagalli   P.T.PARAMESHWARANAIK (Congress)  won by 40810 votes
 Haliyal  DESHPANDE. R. V. (Congress)   won by 5939 votes
 Hangal   MANOHAR H. TAHASHILDAR  (Congress)  won by 5686 votes
 Haveri   RUDRAPPA MANAPPA LAMANI  (Congress)  won by 30208 votes
 Heggadadevankote  CHIKKAMADU S (JDS)  won by 12498 votes
 Hirekerur   U. B. BANAKAR (KJP)  won by 2606 votes
 Honnali  D. G SHANTANA GOWDA (Congress)  won by 18738 votes
 Hukkeri  UMESH VISHWANATH KATTI (BJP) won by 57326 votes
 Indi   YASHAVANTARAYAGOUDA VITTALAGOUDA PATIL (Congress) won by 33302 votes
 Jagalur  H.P.RAJESH (Congress)  won by 36890 votes
 Jamkhandi   SIDDU B. NYAMAGOUDA (Congress)  won by 21152 votes
 Kadur   Y.S.V.DATTA (JDS)  won by 42433 votes
 Kagwad  BHARAMGOUD ALAGOUD KAGE  (BJP)  won by 2887 votes
 Kampli  T.H. SURESH BABU (BSRCP)  won by 34396 votes
 Kapu  VINAY KUMAR SORAKE  (Congress)  won by 1855 votes
 Karkal  V.SUNILL KUMAR (BJP)  won by 4254 votes
 Karwar  SANTEESH SAIL KRISHNA (IND)  won by 35880 votes
 Kittur  INAMADAR DANAPPAGOUDA BASANAGOUDA (Congress)  won by 18290 votes

Who will win Karnataka Assembly Election 2013? Live Election Results (updates)

Karnataka, Assembly Election, 2013, Results, Live
Tomorrow, vote counting for 2013 Karnataka Assembly election will take place and this vote counting will determine who will rule Karnataka Assembly election for next five years. In 2008 Karnataka Assembly election, BJP did a miracle under the leadership of B S Yeddyurappa by winning Karnataka state assembly election. This was for first time when BJP came to power in any Southern state of India. There are total of 224 assembly seats in Karnataka and any party or alliance needs support of 113 MLAs to form next government in next state. The main fight in Karnataka is between Congress, BJP, JD(S) and KJP (Karnataka Janta Party). The major disadvantages for BJP are anti-incumbency factor and formation of new political party by its former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa.

 What Exit Polls Predicts? 

 All exit polls have given similar results by declaring Congress winner in this election. As per the exit polls available Congress is likely to win 100 to 120 seats in state. Both BJP and JD (S) are given seats in the range of 50 to 60. According to these exit polls, KJP will not able to make any major gains and its seats will be in the range of 5 to 15.

 What can go wrong? 

Many experts believe that selection of many candidates by Congress for current assembly elections is wrong; therefore, they can lose some seats due to this factor. Further numbers of news of internal fights within Congress have emerged in Karnataka which can decrease its prospects of winning some seats.

 If both BJP and JD (S) succeed in winning 50 plus seats then they can form a coalition government in Karnataka. Therefore, all is not well for Congress as it may seem. Within few hours, we will get exact results of Karnataka Assembly election 2013 and these results will clear actual picture in state.

 For live Coverage of Karnataka Assembly Election 2013 check Below after 8 AM tomorrow.

 Live Results Karnataka Assembly Election 2013

Final Result

Total Seats  -    224
Trends Available -   0
Results Available -   223

Party                  Leading      Won      Total

Congress                 0           121        121
BJP                      0           40         40
JD(S)                    0           40         40
KJP                      0           6          6
Others                   0           16         16

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