Who will win Gujarat Assembly Election 2012 ? Opinion Poll

At the end of this year, Indian state of Gujarat is going for next Assembly Election. Gujarat Assembly Election 2012 is likely to take place in the month of November or December. Today, Gujarat is one of the fastest developing states of India and it is ruled by Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) from last fifteen years. Out of these 15 years of BJP rule in Gujarat, Narendra Modi has remained chief minister of state for more than 11 years and he is also current CM of Gujarat (Holds record for longest tenure).

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In Gujarat, main election battle is between BJP and Congress. There are total of 182 assembly seats in Gujarat Assembly; therefore, any party needs to win more than 92 seats to make next government in state. Now biggest question in front of us is that will BJP and Narendra Modi continue their victory race or will Congress stop them? These elections are one of the biggest and significant elections because results of this election will influence state politics.

Therefore, everyone has full eye on these elections. If Narendra Modi and BJP repeated their past success then BJP and Narendra Modi will emerge stronger at national politics. This win can help Narinder Modi in fulfilling his dream of becoming Prime Minister of India or otherwise, it will ruin his dream. Though at this level, we are required to wait for few more months to see what is stored in future. In 2007 assembly election, Congress was very hopeful of winning Gujarat Assembly election; however, it won only 62 seats out of total 182 seats.

While Narendra Modi led BJP won 117 seats and got comfortable majority in state. 2007 Gujarat Assembly election results clearly indicated that people of Gujarat appreciated Narendra Modi’s policies as CM of Gujarat. If we go by present trend then Narendra Modi looks very strong in state; however, Congress party can surprise him at certain place. Overall, we can give a good edge to Narendra Modi in this election because Congress looks weak in state; however, this trend can change in coming months as election date will come close.

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