BJP heading for Historical win in Loksabha Election 2014

From the trends of Loksabha election 2014, it is now clear that BJP is heading for historic win. BJP lead NDA is presently ahead in 310 Loksabha seats and BJP is ahead in 250 plus seats.

If BJP wins more than 250 seats in Loksabha election 2014 then it will be first time when BJP will cross 200 seats mark in Loksabha election. The main highlight of this victory of exceptionally better performance of BJP and exceptionally bad performance of Congress.

As per the trends, Congress and its alliance is not going to cross 100 seats in Loksabha. Overall, it is a great win for Narendra Modi and it looks that people of India have voted for development and stable government at the centre. 

Voting Counting for The Loksabha Election2014 and Assembly Election of Telanagana, Seemandhra, Odisha and Sikkim has started

Finally, the Vote Counting for the Loksabha Election2014 and Assembly Election of Telanagana, Seemandhra, Odisha and Sikkim has started. It is a tough job to count millions of votes; however, the Election commission of India is doing it perfectly every time. Now we can hope that first trend of Loksabha election will be available with us very shortly. Because of Electronic Voting Machines, the time of Vote counting has considerably decreased and we get results fast. Vote counting for Loksabha Election will take place at more than 900 counting stations spread across India.

Before, the results of Loksabha election, we can expect Assembly election result because in assembly election less numbers of votes  are required to be counted. All live results and trends will be updated on this site, as soon as they will become available.

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Vote Counting for Loksabha Election 2014 and all Assembly Elections to start in Less than one Hour

Vote Counting for Loksabha Election 2014 and Assembly election of Odisha, Telangana, Seemandhra and Sikkim to start in less than one hour. At present counting staff is busy in managing EVMs machines. After 7 AM political party observers will be allotted seats inside counting centre so that they can check that counting is taking place properly and their is no wrong practice going on during the Counting.

At most of counting stations across India, counting of votes will start by 8 AM with first counting of postal votes; though at some places there may be some delay in start of vote counting due to different technical and technical issues.

Voting Counting for Loksabha Election 2014 to Take Place Tomorrow after 8 AM

Tomorrow is a big day for Indian politics because tomorrow, we will get results of recently completed Loksabha elections. At present whole of world and all Indians are waiting for the results of Loksabha election so that everyone can know who will be the next prime minister of India.

India is the biggest democracy of the world with more than 823 million voters. Indian Election commission completed these elections successfully in nine phases. Now, only wait is for the results of Loksabha election.

The counting of Votes for each Loksabha constituency will start at 8 AM with first counting of postal votes. We can expect trends of Loksabha Election within first hour because of Electronic voting machines. Final results may take few hours because of different complexities.

Exit polls have given win to BJP lead NDA; however, we will get to know real results only tomorrow.

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Does Congress and AAP as accepted Defeat in Loksabha Election 2014?

All exit poll results have gone in the favour of BJP lead NDA and, if we go by exit polls then it looks that BJP and NDA is heading for their biggest win in Loksabha election ever. After the results of exit polls for Loksabha election 2014, it looks that both Congress and AAP have accepted defeat.

First reaction from most of the opposition parties was denial of Exit poll results; however, soon many of the leaders of AAP and Congress started showing sign of defeat. First it was AAP's kumar Vishwas who said that it was bad decision of Arvind Kejrewal to resign from Delhi government and AAP may suffer in Loksabha election because of this decision.

Second, it was senior leader and political analyst Yogendra Yadav who said on NDTV that it will be wrong to not accept exit poll results. Similarly, some of Congress leaders have already came forward in the support of Rahul Gandhi in case of Congress loses. As per news, Rahul Gandhi has left for oversees and he will not be available during Loksabha results.

All these actions and statements clearly indicate that to some extent AAP and Congress has expected defeat in Loksabha election 2014. Though, we can wait till tomorrow to find actual results of Loksabha Election 2014 and to see who will be final winner. 

NDA to make Next Government in India as per Exit Polls

Today, many news channels and survey agencies released their exit poll results for the Loksabha Election 2014. Most of these exit polls are giving BJP lead NDA 255 to 290 seats, which means that if these exit polls went right then Narendra Modi will become the next Prime Minister of India.

Though, we can't be 100% sure of exit poll results because all exit polls failed to predict 2004 Loksabha Election. From these exit polls, we can get some idea of a possible future outcome on 16th May. So far, it is good news for BJP and it will hope that prediction by exit polls should become true.

The worst sign these Exit polls are showing for Congress, as per the exit polls, Congress is likely to get 95 to 120 seats. If these exit poll results become true that Congress will be the biggest loser in Lokabha election 2014.

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Exit Poll Results Loksabha Election 2014 (Who will win Loksabha Election 2014) State Wise

Exit Poll Result Delhi Assembly Election 2015

Today, in Loksabha Election 2014 last phase of voting will take place in 41 Loksabha seats and by the evening biggest elections of a world that is Loksabha Election 2014 will come to end. After the completion of Loksabha Election 2014, everyone around the world wants to know the results of Loksabha election 2014.

During Loksabha election, many news agencies and survey firms did exit polls to get the pulse of the results of Loksabha Election 2014. As per the Election of Commission directive, exit poll results can be published today after the completion of the last phase of Loksabha election 2104.

After 6 PM (IST), everyone can check the latest update on all exit poll results on this page.

All Exit Poll results declared yesterday had given the BJP lead NDA a victory. As per the all Exit Polls, NDA is going to get 250 to 290 Seats in just concluded Loksabha Election 2014. 

1) Exit Poll Result Uttar Pradesh Loksabha Election 2014

Most of exit polls are giving a good news to BJP for expected results of Loksabha Election in Uttar Pradesh. UP has 80 Loksabha seats; therefore, it is very difficult for any political party to make government at the Center without winning large numbers of seats in UP. As per the available exit polls results for UP, BJP alliance are going to win 45-55 seats in UP thus increasing the chances of next government of BJP at the Center.

INDIA TV Exit Poll

BJP+     54
BSP       08
SP          11
Cong+    07

ABP News Exit Poll

BJP+     46
BSP       13
SP          12
Cong+    08
Oth         01

IBN & Exit Poll

BJP     45-53
SP       13-17
BSP     10-14
Cong     3-5

Aaj Tak Exit Poll

BJP    48-56
SP      10-14
BSP    6-10
Cong   4-6
Oth      2-4

2) Exit Poll Result Delhi Loksabha Election 2014

Delhi has seven Loksabha seats, last time all seven Loksabha were won by The Congress. This Exit polls indicate that BJP can win from 5 to 7 Loksabha seats in Delhi.

AajTak Exit Poll

BJP+  5-7
AAP   1-2

IBN7 Exit Poll

BJP+   5-7
AAP    1-2

ABP News Exit Poll

BJP    5
AAP  2

India TV

BJP  7

3) Exit Poll Result West Bengal Loksabha Election 2014
The Indian State West Bengal is a very crucial state with 42 Loksabha seats. At present TMC has government in West Bengal. As per the exit poll results, TMC is going to win maximum seats in West Bengal followed by the Left parties.

IBN7 Exit Poll

TMC   25-31
BJP      1-3
Left       7-11
Cong     2-4

ABP News Exit Poll

TMC   24
Left      12
BJP      01
Cong    05

India TV Exit Poll

TMC      27
BJP          2
Left          9
Cong        4

Aaj Tak Exit Poll

TMC     25-29
BJP       0-2
Cong     4-6
Left       7-11

4) Exit Poll Result Maharashtra Loksabha Election 2014

Maharashtra is a very important state for Loksabha with 48 Loksabha seats. In present Congress-NCP has government at state. As the most of exit poll results for the Maharashtra BJP and Shiv Sena alliance is going to win 32 to 38 seats which is a big number and it can help BJP in making next government in Center.

ABP New Exit Poll

BJP    21
SS      11
Cong  09
NCP  06
AAP   01

AajTak Exit Poll

BJP+    27-35
Cong+  11-15
Oth        2-6

India TV Exit Poll

BJP+    32  (BJP 17  SS 14)
Cong      9
NCP      5
AAP       1
Oth         1

5) Exit Poll Result Punjab Loksabha Election 2014

India TV Exit Poll

BJP+    6 (+1)
AAP     3(+3)
Cong    4(-1)

IBN7 Exit Poll

BJP+    (6-9)
AAP     (1-3)
Cong     (3-5)

AajTak Exit Poll

BJP+     8-10
Cong     3-5
AAP     0-1

6) Exit Poll Result Kerala Loksabha Election 2014

IBN 7 Exit Poll

UDF     11-14
LDF       6-9

Aaj Tak Exit Poll

UDF      13-17
LDF        4-6

India Tv Exit Poll

UDF     11
LDF       9

7) Exit Poll Result Karnataka Loksabha Election 2014

IBN 7 Exit Poll

BJP     10-14
Cong   12-16
JDS      1-3

Aaj Tak Exit Poll

BJP         6-10
Cong       15-19
JDS          2-4

India TV Exit Poll

BJP       18
Cong      7
JDS        3

8) Exit Poll Result Madhya Pradesh Loksabha Election 2014

Madhya Pradesh has 29 Loksabha seats and BJP has government in the state. This state is very important for BJP because BJP hopes to get maximum of 29 Loksabha seats in MP. All exit polls also predict on this line and they are giving BJP 23-28 seats and Congress 1-5.

Aaj Tak Exit Poll

BJP     23-27
Cong    3-5

India TV Exit Poll

BJP    26
Cong    3

IBN 7 Exit Poll

BJP    24-28
Cong   1-5

9) Exit Poll Result Bihar Loksabha Election 2014

With 40 Loksabha seats, Bihar is a crucial state for making next government at the center. So far, all surveys are suggesting lead for BJP alliance in Bihar by winning 21-25 seats. The major setback will be to JDU which is expected to win 2-6 seats.

IBN 7 Exit Poll

BJP+    21-27
Cong+  11-15
JDU       2-4

India TV Exit Poll

BJP+   24
RJD+    10
JDU      2
Other      4

AajTak Exit Poll

BJP+     21-25
Cong+    8-12
JDU       4-6
Oth         1-3

10) Exit Poll Result Odisha Loksabha Election 2014

Odisha state has 21 Loksabha seats and this state has remained strong hold of BJD. As per the exit polls, this time again BJD is likely to retain its lead by winning 10-16 seats. Here BJP can win 3-9 seats.

IBN 7 Exit Poll

BJD       12-16
BJP         3-7
Cong      1-3

India TV Exit Poll

BJD     11
BJP       6
Cong     4

Aaj Tak Exit Poll

BJD     10-14
BJP       5-9
Cong     1-3

11) Exit Poll Result Gujarat Loksabha Election 2014

Gujarat state is very important when it comes to Loksabha Election, It has 26 Loksabha seats. This state has remained a stronghold of BJP and BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi's comes from Gujarat. As per the exit poll, BJP is likely to perform very well in Gujarat by winning 21-26 seats.

AajTak Exit Poll

BJP        24-26
Cong        0-2

India TV Exit Poll

BJP     22
Cong     4

IBN 7 Exit Poll

BJP     21-25
Cong    1-4

12)  Exit Poll Result Rajasthan Loksabha Election 2014

After winning in a last year assembly election in Rajasthan, BJP is likely to retain its strong position in Rajasthan in Loksabha Election too by winning 21-25 seats.

India TV Exit Poll

BJP     22
Cong     3

Aaj Tak Exit Poll

BJP       21-25
Cong      0-4

IBN 7 Exit Poll

BJP      22-24
Cong    1-3

13) Exit Poll Result Haryana Loksabha Election 2014

India TV Exit Poll

BJP     6
HJC    2
Cong   2

Aaj Tak Exit Poll

BJP+      7-9
Cong      0-2

14) Exit Poll Result Himachal Pradesh Loksabha Election 2014

India TV Exit Poll

BJP   3
Cong  1

15) Exit Poll Result Chhattisgarh Loksabha Election 2014

India TV Exit Poll

BJP         8
Cong       3

Aaj Tak Exit Poll

BJP       9-11
Cong     0-2

16) Exit Poll Result Jharkhand Loksabha Election 2104 

India TV Exit Poll

BJP       9
JMM     2
Cong     1
Oth       2

AajTak Exit Poll

BJP       8-10
Cong+   3-5
Oth        0-1

17) Exit Poll Result  Telangana (Andhra Pradesh) Loksabha Election 2014

IBN 7 Exit Poll

TRS   8-12
Cong  3-5
BJP+  2-4

India TV Exit Poll

TRS        8
Cong       5
BJP         3
Oth          1

18) Exit Poll Result Seemandhra (Andhra Pradesh) Loksaba Election 2014

IBN 7 Exit Poll

BJP+        11-15
YSRC      11-15

India TV Exit Poll

BJP+       9
YSRC     14
Cong        2

19) Exit Poll Result Tamilnadu Loksabha Election 2014

IBN 7 Exit Poll

AIDMK       22-28
DMK           7-11
BJP+            4-6

Aaj Tak Exit Poll

AIDMK       20-14
DMK           10-14
BJP+             2-4

India TV Exit Poll

AIDMK       27
DMK            6
BJP+             5
Cong             1

20)  Exit Poll Result Jammu and Kashmir Loksabha Election 2014

India TV Exit Poll

BJP     3
NC      2
PDP    1
Cong   2

Who will be the king of Varanasi?

Loksabha Election varanasi, In the last phase of Loksabha election, people of Varanasi will vote for Loksabha Election 2014. Varanasi Loksabha constituency has come into limelight because of BJP's PM candidate Narendra Modi contesting from this seat. AAP's Arvind Kejrewal is contesting against Narendra Modi in Varanasi because he wants to defeat him.

Loksabha ELection, varanssiCongress has put local leader Ajay Rai against Modi in Varanasi. Other political parties like SP, BSP and TMC have also put their candidates to stop Narendra Modi from winning. AAP's is making every effort to win the support of voters in Varansi through door to door campaigns and Arvind Kejrewal is himself leading this campaign. He is very confident of his win from Varansi; though, we will only know the results on 16th May.

On the other hand, Congress is doing all efforts to gain support in the favor of their candidate. Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi did an impressive 12 KM long road show to show strength of Congress. Similarly, CM Akhilesh Yadav did a roadshow to gather support for SP candidate.

Overall, all opposition parties are in a fight with the only single aim to defeat Narendra Modi. Every political party, including BJP had succeeded in showing their strength through big rallies and roadshow; however, what will be the actual results that we will only come to know on 16th May.

Here one thing is in the favor of Narendra Modi that opposition votes are likely to split between so many parties thus giving an edge to Narindra Modi.

Loksabha Election 2014 Update - Voting for Last Phase of Loksabha Election to Take place Tomorrow for 41 seats

On 12th May, 2014 voting for all phases of Loksabha election will come to end. Tomorrow, 41 Loksabha constituencies will vote, including Varanasi. It was a hard task for the Election Commission of India to conduct biggest elections of the world; however, with the end of tomorrow's phase of Loksabha, we can say the Election Commission of India did a good job.

In last the phase of Loksabha election, voting will take place in three states, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

Phase  9     May 12, 2014

Bihar                       6
Uttar Pradesh         18
West Bengal           17

Now Exit Poll Reults for Loksabha Election 2014 can shown after 12th May, 2014 election

Earlier, Election commission said that exit poll results cannot be shown before 16th May, 2012. However, now election commission has clarified that Exit poll results can be shown after the 12th May voting. With this, the way is clear to show exit poll results conducted during the different phases of the election after completion of voting in all phases.

Though, exit polls are not always accurate but we can get some sense of possible outcomes of Loksabha Election 2014 through these exit polls. Many Media houses and survey agencies have conducted exit polls across India to get an idea of possible results of Loksabha election 2014.

Now all types of media channels are free to publish or broadcast such exit polls. Only one phase of Loksabha Election is pending and voting for all phases of Loksaba election 2014 will come to end on 12th May, 2014.

At present whole of the world wants to know the results of the Indian Loksabha election. For the final results of Loksabha Election, we are required to wait till 16th May but we can watch exit poll results for Loksabha election on 12th May after 6 PM. 

Loksabha Election 2014 update - Tomorrow voting in 64 Loksabha seats will take Place in Phase 8

Tomorrow (7th May, 2014), voters in 64 Loksabha seats in 7 states will vote for the next government. This is eight and second last phases of Loksabha election. After this, only one phase of Loksabha election will take place on 12th May, 2014.

We can hope that, like earlier phases of Loksabha election, larger numbers of voters will come out of their homes to cast their votes and choose a right government.

StateWise Detail of Phase 8 of Loksabha election 2014

Andhra Pradesh       25
Bihar                       7
Himachal Pradesh     4
J&K                         2
UP                          15
Uttrakhand               5
West Bengal             6

Election Voilence, Attack on Candidates and Purchase of Votes (How fair are Loksabha Election 2014?)

As we are reaching at the end of Loksabha election 2014 in India, we are also getting few bad news related to Loksaba election too. These news indicates that there are few forces which want to influence  a Loksaba Election in their favor. The Recent killing of innocent people in Assam, clearly indicates that innocent people are again targeted to communalise election in the state. This incident reminds us about Muzafarnagar riots which took place just before the start of Loksabha election and created a communal divide between people of two religions who were living happily so far.

Attack, voilence, Loksabhe Election 2014
An AAP candidate from Patiala was brutally beaten up by ruling party workers and the police took a long time to register case against alleged persons because of their nearness to ruling party.  There are many news from different states of India where state ruling parties used the state machinery to their advantage. During the election, all power goes in the hands of the Election Commission; however, many politicians try to influence voters with the help of government machinery through corrupt politicians-Burocrats nexus.

A sting operation video become viral on social media in which few persons of a political party tried to buy votes for Rs 500 each. There are many such bad things happening under the nose of the Election Commission and it is unable to do anything. Under such circumstances, we can't term Loksabha election 2014 completely free and fair. It would have been better, if the election commission of India took more strict actions against corrupt and wrong political leaders and political parties.

There are many political leaders and political parties in India who use such wrong and unethical tactics to divide people and rule over them. To some extent, it is a failure of the election commission of India because it is the duty of Election commission to safeguard lives of people while conducting elections. Now only two more Phases of Loksabha election are pending and we can pray for good that Loksabha Election gets completed peacefully.

High Enthusiasm Among Indian Voters for Loksabha Election 2014

In 2014 Loksabha Election, we can find great enthusiasm among voters to cast their votes. This time more numbers of people are coming out of their homes to become part of the biggest election of the world. The biggest right, which a democracy can offer to its people is "right to vote". This time, many people have understood the value of this right given by democracy to them.

In most of India states, old records of voting are breaking up and as compared to 2009 Loksabha election 2014 Loksabha election are seeing a huge response by voters. No election in the world can be successful without active participation by voters. Today's Indian voters are educated and they are aware of their right.

The Indian voter has realized that the only option to clean corrupt Indian system is to elect honest politicians. Now it is not easy for the politicians to fool Indian voters. This time, Indian voters are coming out freely to cast their votes so that they can elect a leader of their choice. We can say that Loksabha election 2014 are successful from the great response by Indian voters.

On 16th May, we all will come to know about the actual choice of Indian Voters. Election Commission of India and local government and non-government bodies did everything to educate people about the importance of casting a vote. So far, we are getting a positive response from people and they are highly enthusiastic about taking part in Loksabha election 2014.

Aam Admi Party (AAP) making inround into National Politics?

Aam Admi Party
Only two phases of Loksabha election 2014 are remaining and on 16th May, we will come to know that who is going to make next government at the Centre. Now, any party or alliance may win this election, but one thing is coming out clearly that AAP has emerged as a strong national political party in India. So far, we don't have the results of Loksabha election; however, at numbers of places we can find good supporters of the AAP who are openly coming out in its support. In north India, we can see a good support base for AAP candidates. At numbers of Loksabha seats, AAP candidates have emerged very strongly and they are likely to gain good votes.

AAP has achieved something in very short time, which large numbers of political parties fail to achieve in many years. At 100 plus Loksabha seats, AAP candidates are going to get more than 10% votes. At this stage, it is hard to give a clear picture because actual results are still present inside EVM machines. Earlier, I was also doubtful of support of AAP among people; however, after travelling to numbers of places and getting feedback of many people, I have found that we can't simply write off AAP.

Now one thing is clear that people have voted for AAP, however, what are actual percentage of voters who have voted for AAP is not clear; therefore, we can't predict exact seats won by AAP. AAP's internal survey says that it will win 300 plus seats; though, I doubt it.

I can say, AAP has emerged a strong player in Indian politics and in the coming times, this party will add a tough fight to Congress and BJP. 

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