Loksabha Election 2014 update - Tomorrow voting in 64 Loksabha seats will take Place in Phase 8

Tomorrow (7th May, 2014), voters in 64 Loksabha seats in 7 states will vote for the next government. This is eight and second last phases of Loksabha election. After this, only one phase of Loksabha election will take place on 12th May, 2014.

We can hope that, like earlier phases of Loksabha election, larger numbers of voters will come out of their homes to cast their votes and choose a right government.

StateWise Detail of Phase 8 of Loksabha election 2014

Andhra Pradesh       25
Bihar                       7
Himachal Pradesh     4
J&K                         2
UP                          15
Uttrakhand               5
West Bengal             6

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