List of Winning Candidates Delhi Assembly Election 2013

Below find list of all winning candidates of Delhi Assembly Election 2013. All results will be updated as soon as the results are declared.

1) Adarsh Nagar- RAM KISHAN SINGHAL (BJP) won by 10056 votes 
2) AMBEDKAR NAGAR - ASHOK KUMAR (AAP) won by 11670 votes
4) BADARPUR - RAMBIR SINGH BIDHURI (BJP) won by 13854 votes 
5) BADLI - DEVENDER YADAV (Congress) won by 23109 votes 
7) BAWANA - GUGAN SINGH (BJP) won by 25639 votes
8) BIJWASAN - SAT PRAKASH RANA (BJP) won by 2414 votes
9) BURARI - 
10) CHANDNI CHOWK - PARLAD SINGH SAWHNEY (Congress) won by 8243 votes
13) DEOLI - PRAKASH (AAP) won by 17108 votes
14) DWARKA - PARDUYMN RAJPUT (BJP) won by 5197 votes
15) GANDHI NAGAR - ARVINDER SINGH LOVELY (Congress) won by 16961 votes
16) GHONDA - 
17) GOKALPUR - RANJEET SINGH (BJP) won by 1922 votes
19) HARI NAGAR - JAGDEEP SINGH (AAP) won by 8876 votes
20) JANAKPURI - PROF. JAGDISH MUKHI (BJP) won by 2644 votes
22) KALKAJI - HARMEET SINGH (BJP) won by 2044 votes
23) KARAWAL NAGAR - MOHAN SINGH BISHT (BJP) won by 3083 votes
25) KASTURBA NAGAR - MADAN LAL (AAP) won by 4674 votes
26) KIRARI -
27) KONDLI - 
30) MADIPUR - GIRISH SONI (AAP) won by 1103 votes 
35) MEHRAULI - PARVESH SAHIB SINGH (BJP) won by 4564 votes
37) MOTI NAGAR - SUBHASH SACHDEVA (BJP) won by 16021 votes
38) MUNDKA - RAMBIR SHOKEEN (IND) won by 7134 votes
42) NERELA - 
44) OKHLA -
45) PALAM -
48) R K PURAM - ANIL KUMAR SHARMA (BJP) won by 326 votes
51) RITHALA - KULWANT RANA (BJP) won by 25826 votes
51) ROHINI - RAJESH GARG (AAP) won by 1872 votes
54) SANGAM VIHAR - DINESH MOHANIYA (AAP) won by 777 votes
55) SEELAMPUR - CHAUDHARY MATEEN AHMAD (Congress) won by 21728 
61) TIMARPUR - HARISH KHANNA (AAP) won by 3383 votes
62) TRI NAGAR - NAND KISHORE GARG (BJP) won by 2809 votes
63) TRILOKPURI - RAJU (AAP) won by 17685 votes
64) TUGHLAKABAD - RAMESH BIDHURI (BJP) won by 5946 votes
65) UTTAM NAGAR - PAWAN SHARMA (BJP) won by 6346 votes
67) VISHWAS NAGAR - OM PRAKASH SHARMA (BJP) won by 7799 votes

Get Live Results of Assembly Election 2013 in Chhattisgarh, NCT OF Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Mizoram

Finally, we can find results of the assembly elections in Five states of India Chhattisgarh, NCT OF Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Mizoram from tomorrow 8:00 AM onwards. Many political analysts believe that we can see trends of the 2014 Loksabha election in these election results. These results will put a stop on all speculations and we will get the real picture. The main fight in this election is between BJP and Congress; and at present both of these parties are very optimistic about the results and claiming their win in Assembly elections.

 On this page, you can get complete coverage of Assembly election results of all five states Chhattisgarh, NCT OF Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Mizoram.

Live Updates will start 8:00 AM onwards tomorrow for Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Vote Counting has Started

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 1) Live Result Updates Chhattisgarh Assembly Election 2013 (Final Result)

Total Seats  -       90
Trends Available -   90
Results Available -  88

Party                  Leading      Won      Total

Congress                 0          39        39
BJP                      2          47        49
Others                   0           3         2

 2) Live Results updates Delhi Assembly Election 2013 (Final Result

Total Seats  -       70
Trends Available -   70
Results Available -  70

Party                  Leading      Won      Total

Congress                  0          8         08
BJP+                      0          32        32
AAP                       0          28        28  
Others                    0          2          2

3) Live Result updates Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2013 (Final Result)

Total Seats  -       230
Trends Available -   230
Results Available -  229

Party                  Leading      Won      Total

Congress                0           58        58
BJP                     1           164       165
Others                  0            7         7

4) Live Result updates Rajasthan Assembly Election 2013 (Final Result)

Total Seats  -       200
Trends Available -   199
Results Available -  199

Party                  Leading      Won      Total

Congress                  0          21        21
BJP                       0          162       162
Others                    0          16        16

5) Live Result updates Mizoram Assembly Election 2013

Vote Counting Started

 Total Seats - 40
Trends Available- 1
Results Available - 0

Party                  Leading      Won      Total

Congress                 0           0         0
Mizo National Front      1           0         1
Others                   0           0         0

Important Dates and Schedule of 2013 Assembly Elections in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Delhi and Mizoram

Assembly Election, 2013, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Dates and Schedule
Yesterday, Election commission of India announced dates of Assembly elections in five states of India. These elections will take place in the month of November and December, and finally results of all polls will be declared on 8th Dec. These elections are believed as semi-finals for Loksabha election 2013, and many say, it is test for Narendra Modi, BJP’s Prime-minster candidate. At present, Congress has state governments in three states Rajasthan, Delhi and Mizoram; while BJP has state governments in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Delhi’s CM Sheila Dikshit has already done hat-trick by winning Delhi assembly elections three times in the row. While BJP’s CM from Madhya Pradesh will like to do hat-trick. For the final outcome, we are required to wait till 8th Dec, 2013 when whole of nation will see results of these assembly polls. With these polls, by-elections for Surat West Assembly seat in Gujarat and Yercaud (ST) assembly seat in Tamilnadu will also take place. EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) will be used for voting in all these states and Photo identity cards will be used to verify voters.

 Below read detail update on important dates and schedule for Assembly election in each state.


Total Number of Voter- 1,67,96174
Total Number of Assembly Seats- 90 
Total Number of Polling Stations- 21,418
Chhattisgarh Assembly election 2013 will held in Two Phases

Important Dates Phase 1

Date of Notification- 18-10-13
Last Date of Nomination- 25-10-13
Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 26-10-13
Last Date of Withdrawal- 28-10-13
Date of Poll- 11-11-13

Important Dates Phase 2

Date of Notification- 25-10-13
Last Date of Nomination- 01-11-13
Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 02-11-13
Last Date of Withdrawal- 04-11-13
Date of Poll- 19-11-13

Madhya Pradesh 

Total Number of Voter- 4,64,57725
Total Number of Assembly Seats- 230 
Total Number of Polling Stations- 53,896
Madhya Pradesh Assembly election 2013 will held in one Phase

Important Dates 

Date of Notification- 01-11-13
Last Date of Nomination- 08-11-13
Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 09-11-13
Last Date of Withdrawal- 11-11-13
Date of Poll- 15-11-13


Total Number of Voter- 4,06,08056
Total Number of Assembly Seats- 200 
Total Number of Polling Stations- 45,334
Madhya Pradesh Assembly election 2013 will held in one Phase

Important Dates 

Date of Notification- 05-11-13
Last Date of Nomination- 12-11-13
Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 13-11-13
Last Date of Withdrawal- 16-11-13
Date of Poll- 01-12-13


Total Number of Voter- 1,15,07113
Total Number of Assembly Seats- 70
Total Number of Polling Stations- 11,763
Delhi Assembly election 2013 will held in one Phase

Important Dates 

Date of Notification- 09-11-13
Last Date of Nomination- 16-11-13
Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 18-11-13
Last Date of Withdrawal- 20-11-13
Date of Poll- 04-12-13


Total Number of Voter- 6,86305
Total Number of Assembly Seats- 40 
Total Number of Polling Stations- 1126
Mizoram Assembly election 2013 will held in one Phase

Important Dates 
Date of Notification- 09-11-13
Last Date of Nomination- 16-11-13
Date of Scrutiny of Nomination- 18-11-13
Last Date of Withdrawal- 20-11-13
Date of Poll- 04-12-13

Narendra Modi as PM candidate of BJP, What is stored next for him and BJP?

Modi, as PM, Loksabha Election, 2014
As anticipated from many months, Finally BJP announced to world that Gujarat CM Narendra Modi will be its PM candidate for 2014 election. With this news, a wave of happiness has spread across his fans and supporters because they were waiting for this news from many months. Earlier, there were news in media that BJP might delay announcement of his name as BJP’s PM candidate for 2014 Loksabha election till the completion of assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh; however, today top BJP leadership with the support of RSS announced his name. Senior BJP leader L K Adwani didn’t give his support to Narendra Modi as he did same in past. But, most of other leaders of BJP are in clear mood to announce his name, and so they did. This is a great win for Narendra at home front to become a strongest leader in party.

Today, there is no doubt in this fact that Narendra Modi is most popular leader of India and he is top choice for PM among common Indians. Large numbers of people see him as a development oriented leader and they hope to see improvement in their lives if he becomes next PM of India. Almost all opinion polls and surveys are in his favor; however, still he need to travel a long way to reach high post of India. Narendra Modi has done a miracle in Gujarat by winning Gujarat Assembly elections three times in row. Now BJP and his supporter want to see same performance by him at center.

Narendra Modi, PM, Loksabha Election, 2014

Narendra Modi is a strong leader with wide experience of politics. Before becoming CM of Gujarat, he worked in different states of India for the success of BJP in elections, and this experience will definitely help him in making a positive impression on central politics. At present, NDA is very weak and it needs strong allies to strengthen its reach. With present structure of NDA, it is very difficult for Narendra Modi to achieve this success. But we also know strong leadership qualities of Narendra Modi, and his ability to work hard.

For BJP, Narendra Modi is definitely a good bet because otherwise, they don’t have any alternative. Without Narendra Modi, BJP can never think for replacing Congress. BJP may have many big leaders in it, but it doesn’t have any leader as popular as Modi. Therefore, BJP has not done anything wrong because they don’t have any other choice. With the announcement of Narendra Modi’s name as PM candidate, BJP is likely to improve its election tally.

Overall, it is a good move by BJP, and it was demand of time. Now, it depends on many factors that what will be the outcome of 2014 Election? At the end, I will definitely want to say that whatever many be the results of 2014 Loksabha election, but it is certain that Narendra Modi is going to create an impact for BJP. 

Who will win Madhya Pradesh (MP) Assembly Election 2013? Opinion Poll

Madhya Pradesh, Assembly Election, 2013, opinion poll,
Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh will take place by the end of this year. Madhya Pradesh is one of biggest states of India, and therefore, everyone is interested in knowing the mood of people in MP. From last two assembly elections, BJP has emerged the winner in MP, and they hope to repeat this performance again. Present Chief Minister of BJP Shivraj Singh Chouhan is a popular leader, and the party hopes to win assembly election the third time in a row. However, everyone knows that it is not going to be as easy as it seems. Congress is the main rival party in Madhya Pradesh with some presence of SP and BSP. In 2003, BJP came to power with a landslide victory by winning 172 seats out of 230 seats. However, in 2008 assembly election, BJP retained power but it failed to hold same support, as it won 30 seats less than 2003 results. However, it was a commendable job for BJP and CM Shivraj to retain power. In next two-three months, 2013 assembly elections will take place in MP and again, the same question is present in front of us that whether BJP will retain power or Congress will win? These elections are very important for both these parties because a win in MP assembly election will increase chances of a win in 2014 Loksabha election.

 Now let’s separately discuss the scope of BJP and Congress in 2013 Madhya Pradesh Assembly election.

Chances of BJP- Many opinion polls and surveys believe that BJP will again come to power in Madhya Pradesh. In Madhya Pradesh BJP, RSS and other Hindu organizations have a strong base at ground level; therefore, it will be much easier for them to convert this support into votes. The other strong point for BJP is the popular and clean image of CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan. He enjoys a great support of people in MP. With the projection of a popular leader with the clean image for CM, BJP has gone one step ahead of Congress.

Chances of Congress- The main factor on which Congress can rely most is the anti-incumbency factor in MP. In past there are reports of scandals and corruption done by present BJP government; therefore, Congress will definitely like to highlight these issues to get the support of people. Further, there are many places in MP where people are still fighting for basic necessities like water, electricity and good roads. In such constituencies, Congress can hope to get an advantage of anger of people. The biggest disadvantage for Congress is no announcement of the single name for next CM of MP.

Final Verdict- If we go through all surveys, opinions polls, present trends, reports and inside inputs by locals then BJP clearly has an edge in Madhya Pradesh Assembly election 2013. So far, Congress look behind BJP in Madhya Pradesh; however, it is difficult to exactly predict a clear picture and final results may differ.

Live Results of Maharajganj, Howrah, Porbandar and Banaskantha Parliamentary Seats and Assembly Seats in Gujarat, UP and Maharashtra

At present whole of nation is waiting for the Results of Maharajganj, Howrah, Porbandar and Banaskantha Parliamentary Seats and Four Assembly Seats in Gujarat and one assembly seat in each UP (Handia AC) and Maharashtra (Yavatmal) . These four Loksabha (parliamentary) seats and four assembly seats will test major political parties of India and will give us some trend for 2014 Loksabha election. These by-elections are crucial for Narendra Modi because 2 Loksabha and 4 assembly seats results will come today. Below find update of Results as they will become available,

Result of Mandi Loksabha (Parliamentary) Seat
Voting to Take place

Result of Maharajganj  Loksabha (Parliamentary) Seat
Vote Counting Started
RJD's Prabhunath Singh is leading by 5100 votes

New update 10:50 AM Prabhunath Singh is leading by 18000 votes
        update 11:26 AM  Prabhunath Singh is leading by 26000 votes 
        update 11:45 AM Prabhunath Singh is leading by 29000 votes 
        update 11:57 AM Prabhunath Singh (RJD) is leading by 48000 votes 

 Prabhunath Singh (RJD) Won Maharajganj  Loksabha (Parliamentary) Seat

Main Candidates- RJD Prabhunath Singh 
                              JDU P.K. Sahi
                              Congress Umashankar Singh

Result of Howrah  Loksabha (Parliamentary) Seat
Vote Counting Started
CPI(M)'s Srideep Bhattacharya Leading by 387 votes update 9:00 AM
New update 9:55 AM TMC  Prasun Banerjee leading
       update 10:37 AM TMC  Prasun Banerjee leading by 7176 votes
       update 1:07 PM TMC  Prasun Banerjee leading by 24000 votes

Prasun Banerjee won Howrah  Loksabha (Parliamentary) Seat

Main Candidates- CPI(M) Srideep Bhattacharya 
                             TMC  Prasun Banerjee
                             Congress Sanatan Mukherjee

Result of Porbandar  Loksabha (Parliamentary) Seat
Vote Counting Started

BJP candidate Vitthal Radadiya Leading 80000 votes
    update 12:03 PM BJP candidate Vitthal Radadiya Leading by 1 Lakh votes

BJP candidate Vitthal Radadiya Porbandar  Loksabha (Parliamentary) Seat by 1 lakh and 45 thousand votes

Result of Banaskantha  Loksabha (Parliamentary) Seat
Vote Counting Started

BJP  Leading 57000 votes

BJP won Banaskantha  Loksabha (Parliamentary) Seat

Assembly Election Results for All Seats
Vote Counting Started

Handia (UP)       SP won
Yavatmal (Maharashtra)   Congress Won

Gujarat Assembly By-Election Results

Total Seats - 4
Trends Available - 4
Result 4

BJP won all 4 seats

Trend for Leading

BJP   4
Congress  0

List of All Winning Candidates Karnataka Assembly Election 2013

Below find list of all winning candidates of recently held Karnataka Assembly Election 2013. This list will be updated as new Results will become available. All declared results can be found below and refresh this page for any new update.

Constituency     Name of Winning Candidate (Party)         Winning margin

 Afzalpur  MALIKAYYA VENKAYYA GUTTEDAR (Congress)   won by 5238 votes
 Aland  BHOJARAJ RAMCHANDRA (KJP) won by 17114 votes
 Anekal  SHIVANNA B.  (Congress)  won by 40182
 Arabhavi  BALACHANDRA LAXMANRAO JARKIHOLI (BJP) won by 75221 votes 
 Arkalgud  MANJU A  (Congress)  won by 8794 votes
 Arsikere  K.M.SHIVALINGE GOWDA  (JDS)  won by 29631 votes 
 Athani  LAXMAN SANGAPPA SAVADI  (BJP)  won by 23771 votes
 Aurad  PRABHU B. CHAVAN (BJP)  won by 23191 votes
 B.t.m layout  RAMALINGAREDDY (Congress) won by 49048 votes
 Babaleshwar    M.B.PATIL (Congress) won by 4355 votes
 Badami  CHIMMANAKATTI BALAPPA BHIMAPPA (Congress)  won by 15113 votes
 Bagalkot  METI HULLAPPA YAMANAPPA  (Congress)   won by 2900 votes
 Bagepalli  S.N SUBBAREDDY(CHINNAKAYALAPALLI)  (IND)  won by 30755 votes
 Bailhongal  VISHWANATH I PATIL  (KJP)  won by 3621 votes
 Bangalore South  M. KRISHNAPPA  (BJP)  won by 30162 votes
 Bangarapet  S.N.NARAYANASWAMY.K.M  (Congress)  won by 28377 votes
 Bantval  B.RAMANATHA RAI (Congress) won by 17850 votes
 Basavakalyan  MALLIKARJUN SIDRAMAPPA KHUBA (JDS)  won by 15893 votes
 Basavana Bagevadi  SHIVANAND S PATIL  (Congress)  won by 19676 votes
 Basavanagudi  RAVI SUBRAMANYA.L.A. (BJP)  won by 19720 votes 
 Belgaum Dakshin   SAMBHAJI LAKSHMAN PATIL (Ind)   won by 6310 votes
 Belgaum Rural  SANJAY B PATIL (BJP)  won by 1335 votes
 Belgaum Uttar  FAIROZ NURUDDIN SAITH  (Congress) won by 18210 votes
 Bellary  B. SREERAMULU (BSRCP)  won by 33294 votes
 Bellary City  ANIL LAD  (Congress)  won by 18200 votes 
 Belthangady   K. VASANTHA BANGERA (Congress)   won by 15741 votes
 Belur  Y.N RUDRESHA GOWDA  (Congress)  won by 7529 votes
 Bhadravati  APPAJI. M.J  (JDS)   won by 44099 votes
 Bhalki  ESHWARA S/O BHIMANNA KHANDRE  (Congress)  won by 9669 votes 
 Bhatkal    MANKALA SUBBA VAIDYA  (Ind)   won by 9884 votes
 Bidar  GURUPADAPPA NAGAMARPALLI  (KJP)  won by 2571 votes
 Bidar South  ASHOK KHENY  (KMP)   won by 15788 votes
 Bijapur City    MAKBUL S BAGAWAN (congress)   won by 9380 votes
 Bilgi  J . T. PATIL (Congress)  won by 11238 votes
 Bommanahalli  SATHISH REDDY.M  (BJP) won by 25852 votes
 Byadgi    BASAVARAJ NEELAPPA SHIVANNANAVAR (Congress)   won by 13359 votes
 Byatarayanapura  KRISHNA BYRE GOWDA  (Congress)  won by 32400 votes 
 Byndoor  K.GOPALA POOJARY (Congress)   won by 31149 votes
 C.V. Raman Nagar  S. RAGHU  (BJP)  won by 8462 votes 
 Challakere  T RAGHUMURTHY  (Congress)  won by 23123 votes
 Chamaraja    VASU  (Congress)   won by 12915
 Chamarajanagar  C.PUTTARANGASHETTY  (Congress)  won by 11196 votes
 Chamrajpet  B.Z.ZAMEER AHMED KHAN  (JDS)  won by 30162 votes
 Chamundeshwari  G.T. DEVE GOWDA  (JDS)  won by 7103 votes
 Channagiri  VADNAL RAJANNA  (Congress)  won by 1773 votes
 Channapatna   C P YOGESHWARA (SP)  won by 6464 votes
 Chickpet   R.V. DEVRAJ   (Congress)   won by 13059 votes
 Chikkaballapur  DR. K SUDHAKAR  (Congress)   won by 15048 votes
 Chikkodi-Sadalga  PRAKASH BABANNA HUKKERI  (Congress)  won by 76588 votes
 Chikmagalur  C T RAVI  (BJP)  won by 10988 votes 
 Chiknayakanhalli  C.B.SURESHBABU  (JDS)  won by 11139 votes
 Chincholi  DR UMESH G JADAV  (Congress)  won by 26060 votes
 Chintamani  J.K.KRISHNAREDDY  (JDS)  won by 1773 votes
 Chitradurga  G.H.THIPPAREDDY  (BJP)  won by 26718 votes
 Chittapur  PRIYANK KHARGE  (Congress)  won by 31191 votes
 Dasarahalli  S MUNIRAJU  (BJP)  won by 10828 votes
 Davanagere North  S S MALLIKARJUNA  (Congress)  won by 57280 votes 
 Davanagere South  SHAMANUR SHIVASHANKARAPPA (Congress)  won by 40158 votes
 Devadurga  A. VENKATESH NAIK  (congress)  won by 3700 votes
 Devanahalli  PILLA MUNISHAMAPPA  (JDS)  won by 1942 votes
 Devar Hippargi  AMINAPPAGOUDA SANGANAGOUDA PATIL  (Congress)  won by 8096 votes
 Dharwad  VINAY KULKARNI  (Congress)  won by 18320 votes
 Doddaballapur  T.VENKATARAMANAIAH   (Congess)  won by 1447 votes
 Gadag  H K PATIL  (Congress)  won by 33727 votes
 Gandhi Nagar  DINESH GUNDU RAO  (Congress)   won by 22607 votes
 Gangawati  IQBAL ANSARI  (JDS)  won by 29789 votes
 Gauribidanur     N H SHIVASHANKARA REDDY  (Congress) won by 5773 votes
 Gokak  JARKIHOLI RAMESH LAXMANRAO (Congress)  won by 28005 votes
 Govindraj Nagar  PRIYAKRISHNA  (Congress)  won by 42460 votes
 Gubbi  S R SHRINIVAS (VASU)  (JDS)  won by 7244 votes 
 Hadagalli   P.T.PARAMESHWARANAIK (Congress)  won by 40810 votes
 Haliyal  DESHPANDE. R. V. (Congress)   won by 5939 votes
 Hangal   MANOHAR H. TAHASHILDAR  (Congress)  won by 5686 votes
 Haveri   RUDRAPPA MANAPPA LAMANI  (Congress)  won by 30208 votes
 Heggadadevankote  CHIKKAMADU S (JDS)  won by 12498 votes
 Hirekerur   U. B. BANAKAR (KJP)  won by 2606 votes
 Honnali  D. G SHANTANA GOWDA (Congress)  won by 18738 votes
 Hukkeri  UMESH VISHWANATH KATTI (BJP) won by 57326 votes
 Indi   YASHAVANTARAYAGOUDA VITTALAGOUDA PATIL (Congress) won by 33302 votes
 Jagalur  H.P.RAJESH (Congress)  won by 36890 votes
 Jamkhandi   SIDDU B. NYAMAGOUDA (Congress)  won by 21152 votes
 Kadur   Y.S.V.DATTA (JDS)  won by 42433 votes
 Kagwad  BHARAMGOUD ALAGOUD KAGE  (BJP)  won by 2887 votes
 Kampli  T.H. SURESH BABU (BSRCP)  won by 34396 votes
 Kapu  VINAY KUMAR SORAKE  (Congress)  won by 1855 votes
 Karkal  V.SUNILL KUMAR (BJP)  won by 4254 votes
 Karwar  SANTEESH SAIL KRISHNA (IND)  won by 35880 votes
 Kittur  INAMADAR DANAPPAGOUDA BASANAGOUDA (Congress)  won by 18290 votes

Who will win Karnataka Assembly Election 2013? Live Election Results (updates)

Karnataka, Assembly Election, 2013, Results, Live
Tomorrow, vote counting for 2013 Karnataka Assembly election will take place and this vote counting will determine who will rule Karnataka Assembly election for next five years. In 2008 Karnataka Assembly election, BJP did a miracle under the leadership of B S Yeddyurappa by winning Karnataka state assembly election. This was for first time when BJP came to power in any Southern state of India. There are total of 224 assembly seats in Karnataka and any party or alliance needs support of 113 MLAs to form next government in next state. The main fight in Karnataka is between Congress, BJP, JD(S) and KJP (Karnataka Janta Party). The major disadvantages for BJP are anti-incumbency factor and formation of new political party by its former chief minister B S Yeddyurappa.

 What Exit Polls Predicts? 

 All exit polls have given similar results by declaring Congress winner in this election. As per the exit polls available Congress is likely to win 100 to 120 seats in state. Both BJP and JD (S) are given seats in the range of 50 to 60. According to these exit polls, KJP will not able to make any major gains and its seats will be in the range of 5 to 15.

 What can go wrong? 

Many experts believe that selection of many candidates by Congress for current assembly elections is wrong; therefore, they can lose some seats due to this factor. Further numbers of news of internal fights within Congress have emerged in Karnataka which can decrease its prospects of winning some seats.

 If both BJP and JD (S) succeed in winning 50 plus seats then they can form a coalition government in Karnataka. Therefore, all is not well for Congress as it may seem. Within few hours, we will get exact results of Karnataka Assembly election 2013 and these results will clear actual picture in state.

 For live Coverage of Karnataka Assembly Election 2013 check Below after 8 AM tomorrow.

 Live Results Karnataka Assembly Election 2013

Final Result

Total Seats  -    224
Trends Available -   0
Results Available -   223

Party                  Leading      Won      Total

Congress                 0           121        121
BJP                      0           40         40
JD(S)                    0           40         40
KJP                      0           6          6
Others                   0           16         16

Live Result Update Meghalaya, Nagaland, Punjab (Moga) and Tripura Assembly Election 2013

Tomorrow, assembly election results for Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura Legislative Assemblies, 2013 will be declared. Elections in these states took place early this month. With these results, results of all bye elections like Punjab (Moga) assembly seat will also be declared. These results will be available from 8 AM onwards tomorrow. These are first state assembly elections of 2013 and these election will tell trend of 2014 Loksabha election in 2014.  Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura are small states; therefore, there effect will be less on national politics; though, we can get some idea. Live results for Meghalaya, Nagaland and Tripura and Bye election Punjab (Moga) will be updated below 8 AM onwards tomorrow.

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Final Results

 Tripura/Nagaland and Meghalaya Asembly Poll 2013

Meghalaya Assembly Elections Results 2013

Total Seats    - 60
Trend Available- 60
Result Available - 60

Parties                      Leading          Won      Total

INC                              0                29          29
UDP                             0                 8           4
NCP                             0                 2           2
HSPDP                         0                 4           5                  
Others                           0                 17         17

Tripura Assembly Elections Results 2013

Total Seats    - 60
Trend Available-60
Result Available -60

Parties                     Leading        Won     Total
CPI (M)                    0                49         49
CPI                           0                  1           1
INC                          0                  10         10
Others                       0                  0          0

Nagaland Assembly Elections Results 2013

Total Seats    - 60
Trend Available- 59
Result Available -59

Parties                     Leading      Won     Total
NPF                              0            38        38
NCP                              0            4         4
INC                               0            8         8
Others                            0            9         9

Punjab Moga Assembly Bye Election Results 2013

Joginderpal Jain (SAD) ahead of
Sathi Vijay Kumar (INC) by 2700 votes in first round
Joginderpal Jain (SAD) ahead of
Sathi Vijay Kumar (INC) by 4412 votes in second round
Joginderpal Jain (SAD) ahead of
Sathi Vijay Kumar (INC) by 7056 votes in third round
Joginderpal Jain (SAD) ahead of
Sathi Vijay Kumar (INC) by 9741 votes in fourth round
Joginderpal Jain (SAD) ahead of
Sathi Vijay Kumar (INC) by 14772 votes in sixth round

Final Result Joginderpal Jain (SAD) won by 18845 votes from Congress Sathi Vijay Kumar

Dates and Schedules Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland Assembly Election 2013

First assembly elections of 2013 will take place in North East three states of India i.e. Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland. Election commission issued notification for Tripura Assembly election 2013 on 21st Jan, 2013 and for Meghalaya and Nagaland Assembly election 2013 on 30th Jan, 2013. Assembly elections in all three states will take place in single phase. Voting Date for Tripura Assembly election is 14-2-2013 and for Meghalaya and Nagaland is 23-2-2013. Counting of voting for all three Assembly elections will take place on 28th Feb, 2013. Voting hours for Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland will be 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Below, you can can find detail schedule of all three assembly elections.

Dates and Schedules for  Tripura Assembly Election 2013

Issue of Notification -                        21-1-2013

Last Date of Making Nomination -               28-1-2013

Scrutiny of Nomination -                       29-1-2013

Last Date of Withdrawal of Candidature -       31-1-2013

Date of Poll -                                 14-2-2013

Counting of Votes -                            28-2-2013

Dates and Schedules for  Meghalaya and Nagaland Assembly Election 2013

Issue of Notification -                     30-1-2013

Last Date of Making Nomination -             6-2-2013
Scrutiny of Nomination -                     7-2-2013

Last Date of Withdrawal of Candidature -     9-2-2013

Date of Poll -                              23-2-2013

Counting of Votes -                         28-2-2013

Get Live Results Live Result Update Meghalaya, Nagaland, Punjab (Moga) and Tripura Assembly Election 2013

Who will win 2014 Loksabha Election in India? Predictions/Opinion Poll

Check Live Bihar Election 2015 Results

Read Latest Article - Who will win Loksabha Election 2014? Final update (Opinion Polls

 Next Year, Biggest democracy of world India will see the biggest celebration of democracy in the form of 2014 Loksabha Election. These elections will determine which new political alliance or party will get a verdict to rule at the Centre. India is a country of multi-political party culture and here are hundred of national and local political parties in India.

There are two major political parties in India and they give shape to two major political alliances in the form of UPA and NDA. UPA is a political alliance under the leadership of Congress and NDA is a political alliance in the leadership of BJP. There is also a weak possibility of a third alliance in the form of third front; though, it does not have any strong face at present.

So far, UPA is ruling India for last nine years and they will like to win the 2014 Loksabha election again. There are a total of 543 seats in Loksabha and any party or alliance needs to win 272 seats to make government at the centre. In 2009 Loksabha Election, Congress was biggest gainer as it won 206 seats with gain of 55 seats. UPA (Congress+DMK+TC+NCP) won 262 seats in these elections with gain of 80 seats.

This was a great win for UPA and it got outside support from parties like SP and BSP. From last three and half years, the UPA government is running fine, though TC (Trinamool Congress) has existed UPA alliance over the price hike. 2009 Loksabha election were not good for NDA alliance because its main party BJP succeeded in winning 116 seats with loss of 15 seats. After the 2009 Loksabha election, many things have changed and both alliances know that it will be hard for them to win this election.

UPA without Trinamool Congress is likely to suffer major losses in the West Bengal election. On the other hand, it may be difficult for Congress to repeat same success of 2009 again in 2014 because it took 18 years for Congress to get 200 plus Loksabha seats in 2009. It is unlikely for Congress to repeat same performance again and it likely to loss 20 to 40 seats. On the other hand, this loss of Congress is likely to become gain of NDA.

Anti-incumbency factor is also likely to affect performance of Congress in 2014 election. However, good point for Congress and UPA is weak and un-united opposition. Despite this loss of UPA, it can make next government at centre with the help of outside support of third front or parties like SP and BSP. NDA can significantly improve its performance, if it can project a strong leader at centre.
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Narendra Nodi as a Next Prime Minister of India?

Narendra Nodi as a Next Prime Minister of India?

Before, Gujarat Assembly election it was believed that Narendra Modi needs to win this election first to make his claim for Prime Minister post at centre. Now Gujarat Assembly election results are out and Narendra Modi has created a history by winning Gujarat Assembly election for straight fourth time with a huge margin.

This win, In Gujarat Assembly election 2012 has put Narendra Modi as strong contender for PM post. Large numbers of his fans want him projected as BJP’s Prime ministerial candidate for 2014 Loksabha election. Many BJP leaders have also raised their voices in the support of Narendra Modi and all this clearly indicates that big group in BJP wants to project him as PM candidate of BJP for forthcoming Loksabha election.

The main reason behind this support is wide spread popularity enjoyed by Narendra Modi across India. Moreover, BJP does not have many choices with it as there is no other leader in BJP which can complete dream of BJP’s win in 2014 Loksabha elections on his own. Narendra Modi’s projections as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate can give BJP edge at many places where it has lost its ground. Most of present leaders of BJP have lost their popularity and they can not make BJP to win 2014 Loksabha election.

The major worries of BJP are opposition of Narendra Modi by some BJP’s alliance partners and lose of minority votes. However, many leaders in BJP clearly know that major Minority votes will not come to BJP whether it project Narendra Modi or not because BJP never enjoyed strong vote bank among minorities. If BJP projects Narendra Modi then it can succeed in polarizing votes in its favor and giving big fight to Congress and other political parties.

BJP may win or not 2014 Loksabha Election under Narendra Modi; however, it is likely to gain has party if it go by this choice. Many independent surveys have also reported Narendra Modi as favorite choice among voters as PM choice. Under present condition, Narendra Modi can be a good choice of BJP for PM; however, it totally depends on BJP whether it is ready to take this risk or not.

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Who will win 2014 Loksabha Election in India? Predictions/Opinion Poll

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