Who will win Bihar Assembly Election 2015?

Bihar, Assembly election, 2015, Nitesh Kumar,
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By the end of this year, we will witness elections in one of the most important states of India i.e. Bihar. Bihar is a very crucial state of India because 40 Loksabha and 16 Rajya Sabha seats. At present Nitesh Kumar of JDU is Chief minister of Bihar with the support of Lalu Yadav's party RJD.

Bihar offers a big challenge to the Narendra Modi government at center because these elections will tell Narendra Modi's Karishma is still present or it has faded. These elections are also very crucial for the Nitesh Kumar and Lalu Yadav, who have come together to stop the BJP from winning Bihar Assembly election.

Bihar, Assembly election, Narendra Modi
There is a total of 243 assembly seats in Bihar and any political party or alliance will need to win 122 assembly seats to make next government in Bihar. In the 2010 Bihar Assembly election, BJP and JDU fought together and they clean swept the elections with a victory in 206 assembly seats. The BJP won 91 seats and JDU 115 seats while RJD was left with 22 seats only.

However, JDU splits away from the BJP in June, 2013 before the Loksabha Election when BJP decided to make Narendra Modi BJP's Priministarial candidate.  JDU continued its government with the support of Congress and independents.

Bihar, Assembly election, 2015, lalu YadavBihar saw many political changes with Jitan Ram Manjhi becoming 23rd Chief Minister of Bihar for a short span of a few months. Later Manjhi floated a new political party Hindustani Awam Morcha after his split with JDU. At this crucial stage RJD helped Nitesh Kumar to again become CM of Bihar.

Now both RJD and JDU have decided to fight these elections together and Congress will be part of this alliance. On the other hand, BJP, LJP and newly formed Hindustani Awam Morcha will fight together.

The main fight is between these two alliances and one of them will win the Bihar Assembly Election. Both these alliances have their strong and weak points; therefore, we will see an interesting fight in Bihar.

Politics in Bihar changes very fasts; therefore, we can see many new surprises till the election finishes and a new government is in power. Last year election predictions related to Bihar gave an edge to BJP alliance in polls; however, the situations are changing very fast at ground in Bihar; therefore it is very hard to exactly predict who will win these elections.

In recently held Bihar Legislative Council election BJP won 13 seats out of 24 whereas JDU-RJD won just 10 seats. In general, we can say that the fight for Bihar Assembly is going to be tough and it will test on the ground that who is a strong leader among the people of Bihar. 

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