Election Voilence, Attack on Candidates and Purchase of Votes (How fair are Loksabha Election 2014?)

As we are reaching at the end of Loksabha election 2014 in India, we are also getting few bad news related to Loksaba election too. These news indicates that there are few forces which want to influence  a Loksaba Election in their favor. The Recent killing of innocent people in Assam, clearly indicates that innocent people are again targeted to communalise election in the state. This incident reminds us about Muzafarnagar riots which took place just before the start of Loksabha election and created a communal divide between people of two religions who were living happily so far.

Attack, voilence, Loksabhe Election 2014
An AAP candidate from Patiala was brutally beaten up by ruling party workers and the police took a long time to register case against alleged persons because of their nearness to ruling party.  There are many news from different states of India where state ruling parties used the state machinery to their advantage. During the election, all power goes in the hands of the Election Commission; however, many politicians try to influence voters with the help of government machinery through corrupt politicians-Burocrats nexus.

A sting operation video become viral on social media in which few persons of a political party tried to buy votes for Rs 500 each. There are many such bad things happening under the nose of the Election Commission and it is unable to do anything. Under such circumstances, we can't term Loksabha election 2014 completely free and fair. It would have been better, if the election commission of India took more strict actions against corrupt and wrong political leaders and political parties.

There are many political leaders and political parties in India who use such wrong and unethical tactics to divide people and rule over them. To some extent, it is a failure of the election commission of India because it is the duty of Election commission to safeguard lives of people while conducting elections. Now only two more Phases of Loksabha election are pending and we can pray for good that Loksabha Election gets completed peacefully.

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