Who wil win in Gujarat Assembly Election 2017?

Narendra Modi, PM, Gujarat Election, 2017At present, the question who will win Gujarat Assembly election 2017 is asked everywhere because everyone wants to know the answer. This time the situation in Gujarat has become very interesting because BJP is getting a tough competition from Congress for the first time. In Gujarat, the main political fight is only between BJP and Congress. BJP is in power in Gujarat for the last 22 years and they now even have power in the center with former Gujarat CM as the Prime Minister of India. This thing has put more pressure on BJP because it can't afford to lose Gujarat otherwise, they can't win the 2019 Loksabha election. 

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gujarat, Assembly election, 2017, Rahul GandhiTherefore, BJP has put all efforts to register a win in these elections and it does show that they are confidence enough to win again. However, this time many things are making situation hard for BJP in Gujarat. First thing is the aggressive approach taken by the Congress and its newly elected president Rahul Gandhi who is trying to please as many Gujaratis as he can. He even doesn't leave any temple in Gujarat where he didn't go. He also highlighted many of issues and problems faced by the Gujarati people and especially youth. Now how much this aggressive move will benefit Congress that only time will tell us. 

Hardik Patel, Gujarat, Assembly election, 2017,
The other big hurdle for BJP is young Patidar leader Hardik Patel who is promoting against BJP and asking Patidars once loyal BJP voters to not vote for it. Hardik Patel rallies are able to attract the young crowd but the real effect of his campaign against BJP will be tested in the final results. BJP is also getting a challenge from young OBC and Dalit leaders like Alpesh Thakor and Jignesh. 

In the last assembly election, BJP has the vote share of appx 47% while Congress as appx 38% thus a difference of 9% which is a huge difference and resulted in 119 sears for BJP and only 57 seats for Congress. Now can Congress bridge the 9% vote share gap is to be seen on the 18th Dec when we will get the actual results? If we consider the earlier opinion polls then they were in the favor for BJP but they all indicated that Congress might improve. 

On 14th Dec, we will get the exit poll results after the second and final phase of elections are over in Gujarat. These exit poll results can provide some idea about the next winner of Gujarat Assembly election 2017. 

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