Will opinion poll results hold true for Himachal Pradesh?

On 18th December, we will come to know that who will make next governments in the state of Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat. Himachal Pradesh polls have already been completed last month while one phase of elections is still pending in Gujarat. Today, I will talk about the assembly elections of Himachal. I also cast my vote for Baijnath assembly seat in Himachal Pradesh; therefore, I am excited to know who will emerge the winner in these elections. 

In Himachal, Congress was in the power and they ruled the state for five years. Now, its time for next winners to form a government. Will it be Congress again or this time BJP will win? If we go by the various opinions available with us then BJP is likely to emerge as the winner and it will make the next government in the state; however, we also need to consider that how reliable are opinion polls. In the past too many opinion polls have failed; therefore, we need to wait until 18 Dec 2017 to see who is the actual winner. 

BJP looks have put more efforts than Congress in Himachal Assembly election and many people make the observation from it that Congress has already accepted its defeat in Himachal. As compared to Himachal, Congress looks to have focused more on Gujarat where they feel that they have a chance. For the clarity, we need to wait for final results. 

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