Opinion Poll Results for Maharashtra Assembly Election 2014

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Maharashtra Assembly elections are just few days away and on 19th Oct, 2014, we will know about exact results when final count will take place. Meanwhile, everyone is busy in predicting possible outcomes of Maharashtra Assembly election 2014.

This time, the fight for Maharashtra Assembly has become four sided because of the split in 25 year old BJP-Shiv Sena and 15 years old Congress-NCP political alliances. Now all these political parties will face each other in coming election; due to this reason, it has become even more difficult to tell who will be the winner in these elections.

All political parties in Maharashtra are claiming that they will win these elections; however, we will know the exact results on 19th Oct. Congress-NCP combine was in power in Maharashtra from last 15 years; however, this time both parties decided to go alone because of a fight over seat sharing.

Same was also the reason of split between 25 years old BJP-Shiv Sena alliance.

At present, we have three opinion polls by Aaj Tak, Zee Business and The Week. All these three opinion polls have given different possibilities; however, one thing is common in all of them that BJP will emerge single largest political party in Maharashtra after these elections.

As per the surveys, BJP is likely to get 90 to 153 seats in Maharashtra. Two surveys have put Shiv Sena at number two while one survey has put Congress on number two.

As per surveys combined Shiv Sena can get 35 to 85 seats while Congress can get 25 to 70 seats. NCP is likely to get 20 to 35 seats. MNS is likely to get 7 to 20 seats.

If these surveys are going to be correct, then BJP can be a single largest political party in Maharashtra or it may win a majority. However, all of these surveys are just about 5000 to 8000 samples; therefore, we can't blindly trust them.

The best possible option will be waiting till 19th Oct, 2014 for the final verdict. 

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