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 Next Year, Biggest democracy of world India will see the biggest celebration of democracy in the form of 2014 Loksabha Election. These elections will determine which new political alliance or party will get a verdict to rule at the Centre. India is a country of multi-political party culture and here are hundred of national and local political parties in India.

There are two major political parties in India and they give shape to two major political alliances in the form of UPA and NDA. UPA is a political alliance under the leadership of Congress and NDA is a political alliance in the leadership of BJP. There is also a weak possibility of a third alliance in the form of third front; though, it does not have any strong face at present.

So far, UPA is ruling India for last nine years and they will like to win the 2014 Loksabha election again. There are a total of 543 seats in Loksabha and any party or alliance needs to win 272 seats to make government at the centre. In 2009 Loksabha Election, Congress was biggest gainer as it won 206 seats with gain of 55 seats. UPA (Congress+DMK+TC+NCP) won 262 seats in these elections with gain of 80 seats.

This was a great win for UPA and it got outside support from parties like SP and BSP. From last three and half years, the UPA government is running fine, though TC (Trinamool Congress) has existed UPA alliance over the price hike. 2009 Loksabha election were not good for NDA alliance because its main party BJP succeeded in winning 116 seats with loss of 15 seats. After the 2009 Loksabha election, many things have changed and both alliances know that it will be hard for them to win this election.

UPA without Trinamool Congress is likely to suffer major losses in the West Bengal election. On the other hand, it may be difficult for Congress to repeat same success of 2009 again in 2014 because it took 18 years for Congress to get 200 plus Loksabha seats in 2009. It is unlikely for Congress to repeat same performance again and it likely to loss 20 to 40 seats. On the other hand, this loss of Congress is likely to become gain of NDA.

Anti-incumbency factor is also likely to affect performance of Congress in 2014 election. However, good point for Congress and UPA is weak and un-united opposition. Despite this loss of UPA, it can make next government at centre with the help of outside support of third front or parties like SP and BSP. NDA can significantly improve its performance, if it can project a strong leader at centre.
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  1. Parliamentary Constituencies
    Likely Scenario 2014

    AP 42 20 2 2 18
    AR Pr 2 1 1
    ASSAM 14 7 2 5
    BIHAR 40 5 30 2 3
    GOA 2 1 1 0
    GUJ 26 6 20 0
    HAR'NA 10 6 4 0
    HP 4 2 2 0
    J&K 6 3 1 2
    KAR'KA 28 10 10 8
    KERALA 20 10 10 0
    MP 29 9 20 0
    MAHA. 48 24 24 0
    MANI. 2 2
    MEGH. 2 1 1
    MIZO 1 1
    NAGA. 1 1
    ORISSA 21 3 3 15
    PUNJAB 13 3 10 0
    RAJ. 25 10 15 0
    SIKKIM 1 1
    TN 39 5 2 32
    TRIPU 2 1 1
    UP 80 12 15 53
    WB 42 4 2 6 30
    CG 11 3 6 2 0
    JKd 14 4 4 6
    UKd 5 3 2 0
    A&N 1 1 0
    CHANDI. 1 1 0
    D&NH 1 1 0
    D&D 1 1 0
    DELHI 7 2 5 0
    L Dw 1 1 0
    PONDI. 1 1
    TOTAL 543 156 183 23 181

    Clearly a hung Parliament is expected and SP/BSP/TC & ADMK+TRS/YRC will decide the fate of India. They will keep pulling for their states and fabric of Indian republic wud be ruptured. The damage cud b irreparable.

  2. If BJP declear PM Candidates to Mr.Modi, then BJP Doesn't want any Allience.

    1. This doesn't mean that BJP wont want any alliance. Even if BJP wins 272+ seats it will work with all those parties having same ideologies, and obviously BJP believes in ideologies not in just number count.

      However in case it is unable to reach 272+ it is damn sure that it will be the party in the alliance having maximum no of seats and so obviously PM post will be from BJP and in fact its most loving face i.e. MOdi.

  3. If BJP declear Narendra Modi for PM Candidates, they no need to do any alliance.

  4. Lol, not single chance of win in 2014 to congress bjp will get big win

    1. Same Lol to you. Bro just look at the facts before you posting comments

  5. It totally depends on the public who will win 2014 Election,its high time to drag out dynasty politics of Congress and show the door to Gandhi family.

    Mr Narendra Modi Synonym for development,will chair the PM Seat and lead india way ahead.

    So Please support him.

    1. thanks,please support Mr.Modi to develop our Nation.Please Don't give our leadership to foreign person.please support BJP.

    2. Feku will help congress to get more vote share :) BJP is strategy will help congress get more seats than 2009 ... kerala - 15-16 seats for congress because the opposition is poor. tamil nad - karunanidhi and vijayanth will join together in general election will get 15-20 seats for three parties.. karnataka.. BJP has got 19 seats in 2009 election this time BJP likely get 2-0 seats, congress will get 25-26. Andhra Pradesh.. congress will get total of 20 with support of TRS.. BJP lost there 84 seats after 2009 general elections. because they are projecting feku as PM Candidate. UPA III will come with the support of SP. clear cut result. but if modi is not the PM candidate then BJP will get 150-180 seats. far away from victory. still they can some how adjust to reach the 272 mark.

  6. Feel that UPA 3 is within sight... as most of the allies of NDA have exited(SAD & Shiv sena being the only remaining allies). Projection of Modi is another blunder as his charisma is limited to three or four states in northern belt... anyways indian voters are non-predictable..u dont know which way the wind will change its course...... but for the health of democracy, unity and integrity of the nation and its people.. its really a disaster if a fascist person, who is openly against a section of minority and who is responsible for most brutal genocide the world has witnessed in recent times and who has successfuly created a deeply polarized society in a state of indian union on the basis of communal lines, is projected as a prime minesterial candidate of world's largest democracy.
    Its a pity that again 2014 elections will be fought on the basis of caste and religion..... Its high time that we indians accept the fact that secularism is necessary for the very idea of india.... without which this great nation will disintegrate again... this has to be accepted and should no more be treated as primary election issue... and now we should work towards a very different secularism... where religion is completely kept out from the business of state. Our secularism should exclude the concept of castes and religions and keep these totally out and should not be considered as an important factor in the activities og govt.
    Thus, a new society will be created where no one is bothered about religion BUT ONLY DEVELOPMENT... comeon guys its 21st century.. its time for India to rise above the petty issues which have plagued our nation. Lets throw these people out who divide us just for the sake of numbers...

  7. some where i agree with u only DEVELOPMENT is not change the future of india. we need to implement our law and order very strongly.
    we are in 21st century but ours society are still backward,no respect for women not respect there own freedom than how could u be imagine shining india without implement there though.

    this all ministers are part of ours society.

    if 40% of ours society realize his/her duties and responsibility to nation. i grantee no one can beat us.

  8. As per me UPA II has done good job, but opposition and anna hazare has main role to downfall of Indian econogy 2 Years Anna spoiled parliament precious time, we need to ask Mr. Anna this question but we idiots supporting him what is the meaning of our education still we looks like un educated, UPA agree to give him likpal but this guys doent want, aye yaar take the whatever u r getting later u can amment work first on that but no he dont want, this is the fact. Long term UPA2 has done good thing like agreement with afghanistan releted mining, Afghan is second saudi in lithium supply in future it has huge mining (Gas/Gold and Lithium) we dont have the coal after 70 years, UPA take step to impliment for nuclear power other after 70 years we ll live in darkness, Adhar card is good initiative as well and lot more, even i agree UPA also has some dis advantages, but compare to other party, people will go with UPA that for sure, they are not running by any RSS. Now see Namo is like a bakra, Rajnath and Advani are playing with Namo. but this idiot thinking he is the best, the best polics played by Rajnath and Advani realy hats off.


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