Effect of Gujarat Parivartan Party on BJP’s Performance in Gujarat Election 2012

One of worries for present Gujarat CM Narendra Modi is Gujarat Parivartan Party formed by former BJP CM Keshubhai Patel who recently separated from BJP to create his own party. Keshubhai Patel is former CM of Gujarat and he is one of strong Patel leader from Gujarat. He is unhappy with BJP and CM Narendra Modi from the time, he became CM of Gujarat by taking CM post from Keshubhai.

Fight between Keshubhai Patel and Narendra is not new and he even supported Congress in 2007 Assembly Election; though, his support does not showed any positive effect for Congress. This time, he has gone one step ahead by creating his own party “Gujarat Parivartan Party” because he believes that Gujarat needs a change (Parivartan).

Now, the big question arises is how many seats his party can win in Gujarat Assembly election 2012? Nobody looks to have any answer for this question; however, his party is likely to show some muscle power at 45 Assembly seats where Patels have good influence. If Keshubhai’s Gujarat Parivartan Party showed good performance in upcoming election then it will create some trouble for BJP; however, many experts believe that Keshubhai does not enjoy same popularity he used to enjoy fifteen years back. Moreover, his party is very new just came to existence on 4th August, 2012; therefore, lack presence at ground level.

Same thing also happened with Manpreet Singh Badal’s People's Party ofPunjab (PPP) which was launched with lots of funfair before Punjab Assembly election; however failed to get single seat and on the other hand, it caused more damage to Congress than helping it. Therefore, situation can take any turn in Gujarat Election. If we go by past records than Gujarat Parivartan Party looks strong on paper and weak on ground; however, at present is impossible to predict final outcome and we are required to wait till 20th Dec, 2012 to see final results.

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