Internal fight likely to Hit Both Congress and BJP in Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2012

Live Result update Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat Assembly Eection 2012 

Himachal Pradesh is going to poll on 4th Nov, 2012 and notification for election will be issued on 10th Oct, 2012. Therefore, election battle has intensified in Himachal Pradesh. For complete dates of Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election visit Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2012 Dates, Schedule.

With just few days left for final battle, both main rival parties Congress and BJP are working hard to finalize their candidates for Election. However, main worry of both these parties is internal fight faced by these parties. There are many local leaders and present MLAs of both parties who are angry with party for not getting tickets this time.

Many of such leaders and MLAs have decided to contest elections as independent candidates; therefore, increasing trouble for parent parties. Other big issue faced by both parties is fight between top leaders of party who wants their supporters to get maximum tickets so that they can increase their chances for CM post. These internal fights are likely to cost very dearly to both parties because it will decrease numbers of final votes and total winning seats.

Himachal Pradesh Assembly 2012 is likely to see very close fight with any party may winning this election. The party which will succeed in controlling internal fights to maximum extent will likely win this election. Therefore, internal fight is big issue for both BJP and Congress in Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2012.

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