Gujarat Assembly Election Battle 2012

As just final few months left for Gujarat Assembly Election 2012, political temperature of Gujarat in on rise. Eye of whole of Indian media is on Gujarat because everyone wants to see that Gujarat CM Narendra Modi can make it to Gujarat Assembly for third time or not. Gujarat is in rule of BJP government from last 15 years with three consecutive wins in Assembly election out of these three wins BJP got two wins under the leadership of Narinder Modi. In last two assembly elections, BJP has won almost two third majority in state assembly which shows great hold of Modi on Gujarat voters.

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This time also he is confidence of repeating same story and presently, he is busy in traveling around Gujarat to tell achievements of his government and failures of central government. In earlier article - Who will win Gujarat Assembly Election 2012 ? Opinion Poll I gave some picture of different possibilities in Gujarat Assembly Election 2012. The biggest advantage with Narendra Modi is weak opposition. Despite all claims by Congress and recently created new party Gujarat Parivartan Party by former BJP CM Keshubhai Patel, it looks unlikely that they will be able to hit hard at Modi. Recent price hike and corruption issues against congress are likely to favor BJP in Gujarat Election; though opposition is also blaming Modi for corruption charges; however, they lack strong evidences.

On the other hand, Narendra Modi looks to be targeting central government with his speech and attacks. Though, some political adversaries of Modi points all this as Modi’s overconfidence. The biggest advantage in favor of Modi is strong discipline in Gujarat BJP which provides him great advantage. Moreover, Narendra Modi is one of favorite candidate for PM post in India as pointed by many surveys. Shortly, Election commission will announce dates of Gujarat Assembly Election 2012 and with this Gujarat Election battle will start once again. What will be the actual results of Gujarat Assemble Eelction 2012 that we will only come to know after the end of these elections; however, one thing is clear that these elections are going to be one of biggest election’s of 2012.

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