Get Live Result update (Coverage) Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat Assembly Election 2012

Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly election 2012 results will be declared on 20th Dec, 2012. Whole of country will watch these results because it will tell mood of general public in these states. These results will also tell how people are taking policies of center and state governments. In both these states, BJP has present governments; therefore, there is lot at stake for BJP. If BJP loses in any of these states then it will definitely become weak in national politics.

Live Result Gujarat and Himachal Assembly Election 2017

On the other hand, it is test for Congress government at center to see whether people agree with its present economic policies or not. These elections will also tell that PM dreams of Gujarat CM Narendra Modi will see new light or not. In these elections, main fight is clearly between Congress and BJP because other parties do not have much presence in these states. In any election, ordinary people are actual heroes and they decide future of political parties and leaders through their votes. 

Counting of votes for Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Election 2012 will start at 8 AM morning and within few minutes; we can expect trends of election results because EVMs are used for all constituencies in these elections.  On this page, you can get complete and live update of results of both Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly election 2012. You will get multiple options to watch live results and updates of elections. 

All option will only appear few minutes before the start of vote counting on 20th Dec, 2012. So stay tuned and bookmark this page for all updates and live results of Gujarat Assembly Election 2012 and Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2012.

Live Results Update of Gurjarat and Himachal Assembly Election 2012 will be updated below from 8 AM onwards tomorrow.

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Last updated 2:15 PM

Gurjarat Assembly Election 2012 Live Results

Total  Seats               182
Trends Available    182
Results Available    65

Party             Leading       Won        Total

BJP                  75           42       117   (+0)
Congress          40              19     59    (-0)
GPP                 0                3        3      (+3)
OTH                1                1        2     (-3)

Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2012 Live Results

Total Seats                68
Trends Available        68
Results Available      56

Party               Leading     Won     Total

BJP                         5            21    26
Congress                 5            31    36
Other                      2            4       6

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