Will BJP succeed in West Bengal assembly election?


BJP, TMC, West Bengal

BJP has put everything to the test in the West Bengal assembly election and it looks upbeat with the many popular TMC leaders leaving TMC and joining BJP. I have already discussed many things in detail in the post about who will win the West Bengal assembly election. In the next few months, assembly elections will take place in five states and out of which BJP is putting all efforts to win the West Bengal polls because BJP sees its bright chances of victory in this election. BJP got its confidence from the great show in the last Loksabha elections in which it showed great performance in the state. 

West Bengal is one state which is still out of reach of the BJP and it wants to conquer it too. BJP has succeeded in many ways as it has succeeded in becoming the main opposition party in the state. To complete this dream, BJP needs to fight Mamta Banerjee's TMC. BJP can't take Mamta lightly as she came to power in West Bengal by uprooting the 34-year-old rule of the left parties. She is the chief minister of West Bengal for the last ten years and at present, she enjoys good support from the people of West Bengal.  The opinion polls of West Bengal assembly election 2021 available so far points towards a narrow win for TMC. 

But we all know that things can change at any time and both sides are doing their best to win these elections. TMC was looking at congress for a pre-poll alliance but Congress chose Left parties over TMC. This move will also create problems for TMC. 

One thing is clear in the West Bengal assembly election that we will see a great fight in these elections. 

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