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One of the hot topics in West Bengal and outside is Assembly election 2021 in the state. Earlier, I talked about the West Bengal assembly election in Who will win the 2021 West Bengal Assembly election? In this post, I highlighted all the possible outcomes which we may see in the results. Today, I will talk about the opinion polls conducted by ABP C-voter and IANS C-voter for the upcoming assembly elections. 

According to both the opinion polls, BJP will see a good increase in its voter share and assembly seats but still, Trinamool Congress will manage to make the government in the seats. However, this time, Trinamool may bag only 154 seats out of 294 seats and BJP may get 102 seats.  According to the ABP c-voter survey, Mamta Banerjee is still the most popular leader in West Bengal with 53% votes. It looks that she is single-handedly fighting the strong force of national leaders of BJP. She has taken a more aggressive stand and announced to contest the elections from Nandigram. 

The good news for BJP is that it may enter in triple-digit numbers of seats for the first time in West Bengal from just 3 seats in 2016. The total number of seats in West Bengal is 298 and any party needs 148 seats to win these elections. BJP looks for new states for its political ambition and West Bengal looks to its main target. All important leaders of BJP can be seen aggressively visiting the state to increase the holding of BJP.

The communist parties and Congress have lost their grounds in West Bengal but they still enjoy some pockets of supporters. Mamta Banerjee has also given a hint towards the possible pre-poll alliance of TMC and Congress. 

So, far TMC looks strong on the ground but it is also clear that BJP is giving it a big fight. 

Update 09-02-2021 - Times Now C-voter survey on West Bengal -

[As per the latest opinion poll survey available with us by Times Now C-voter, it states that BJP is the first choice as a party in West Bengal while Mamta Banerjee is the first choice for CM. According to this survey 41.6% of people like BJP while 36.9% like TMC. This new update clearly highlights that TMC is losing ground in West Bengal while Mamta Banerjee is still holding strong. ]

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