Assembly election West Bengal (Who will win?)

Assembly election, West Bengal,

West Bengal Assembly elections will take place in early 2021 and they are among the first elections to take place in India in 2021. Though with West Bengal assembly elections, the assembly election in four more states (Tamil Nadu, Assam, Kerala, and Puducherry) will also take place, we hear more about West Bengal because in this state we are seeing a direct fight between TMC (Trinamool Congress) and BJP. Everyone wants to know which side voters of West Bengal will go this time. BJP has put all of its energy to win these elections and they are encouraged after the good win in the last Loksabha election. BJP is hopeful of improving its tally from last Loksabha and winning the 2021 West Bengal assembly election. 

So far, BJP has succeeded on many platforms like

1) It has emerged the main opposition party in West Bengal

2) It has succeeded in adding some strong leaders of TMC to BJP.

3) It has succeeded in creating a fear phenomenon in TMC because of it TMC asked to Congress to make a pre-poll alliance in the state. 

(update 31/01/2021 - TMC's call to congress to become an ally in the state was rejected by Congress and Congress made a pre-poll alliance with Left parties. This move is likely to create difficulty for TMC which is facing the pressure of my leaders leaving it for BJP)

BJP is doing hard to win these elections and it is clear from the constant visit to the state by its top leaders. So far, TMC supremo Mamta Banerjee is also retaliating well by doing rallies in all those places that are visited by BJP leaders. Both the parties are making claim of their victories in these elections. However, there are still many things to happen before the election and they will decide in which direction, the voters of West Bengal are going. 

Some pre-election opinion polls are predicting a tough fight between BJP and TMC but they are confident of TMC making a come back. Though, BJP is sure to increase its election tally while TMC will suffer some dent. 

It is too early to predict the election outcome of the West Bengal Assembly election 2021 because, with time, many things are likely to change in the state, however, one thing is clear that we will see a tough fight between Trinamool and BJP. 

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