Will Congress be able to beat the popularity of Narendra Modi in Gujarat?

Narendra Modi,This Gujarat Assembly election is special because, this time, we see a fight between Congress and BJP after a long time. In the earlier Assembly elections in Gujarat, it was just a cake walk for BJP and it doesn't surprise anyone. However, this time situation is slightly different as Congress with the support of three Young leaders Hardik Patel representing Patidars, Aplesh Thakor representing OBCs and Jignesh Mevani representing Dalits, is expecting to make big changes in Gujarat. Congress alone is not that effective in Gujarat but with some support, it can make a dent in the BJP's stronghold. 

The good thing for Congress is that it is still the main rival political party in Gujarat with more than 38.9% vote share (Last assembly election figures); therefore with some support, it can increase its own assembly seats while cutting the seats of BJP. If Congress succeeds in bridging the gap of votes between Congress and BJP with the help of Patidars, Muslims, OBCs, and Dalits, then Congress can put a good show in the final results of 2017 Gujarat Assembly elections. But the big question is that will people of Gujarat support someone else than Narendra Modi who has put Gujarat on the world map. 

The main key factor for BJP in Gujarat is its Gujarati Prime Minister and I think that every Gujarati feels proud of about it. Therefore, it is quite hard for Congress to win over the huge popularity of Narendra Modi. Due to this reason, many political observers and opinion polls are predicting that Congress might strengthen it position but BJP is likely to win a majority in the Gujarat. But, if anyhow BJP loses these elections then it will also be an alarm bell for BJP for the 2019 Loksabha election. 2017 Gujarat Assembly election will also test what people in Gujarat thinks about the decision taken by Narendra Modi as a prime minister for India. 

To know the answers, we can wait until 18th Dec 2017 when final results will come out and we will learn that magic of Narendra is still working in Gujarat or not. 

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