Final Exit Poll Results Gujarat Assembly Election 2017

The results of Gujarat Assembly Election 2017 are awaited by people across India because everyone wants to know who will emerge as a winner in these elections. The interest of people in Gujarat Assembly election has increased many times because of our prime minister Narendra Modi who comes from Gujarat and was earlier Chief Minister of state. This time again BJP is fighting these elections in the name of Modi. The main battle in Gujarat Assembly elections is between BJP and Congress. Rahul Gandhi has put all his energy and efforts to win these elections and he hopes to finish 22 years of exile of Congress from Gujarat government. 

Moreover, BJP is also worried about the three young leaders, Hardik, Alpesh, and Jignesh, who can dent vote bank of BJP. Though, we will get our final answers on 18 Dec when final results will come but we can get some idea on 14th Dec when most of exit poll results will be available in front of us. 

Now, we have all the exit poll results from various news agencies. All these exit polls are pointing to the victory of BJP in Gujarat. Earlier, it was expected that Congress might give a tough fight to BJP; however, all exit polls are pointing at a comfortable win for BJP.

Expected Results of Gujarat Assembly Election 2017

BJP      100-140
Congress 50-80
Others      1-5

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