Exit Poll/Opinion Poll Punjab Assembly Election 2017

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  In the last post, Who will win 2017 Punjab Assembly Election 2? We discussed about the various possibilities which can take shape. This time, we will see a straight fight between BJP-Akali Dal Combine, Congress and AAP. After many years, Punjab will see a triangular fight in the assembly elections. All three political parties and alliances are making claims of their win in the upcoming assembly elections, however, we all know that it is not going to be easy for any party or alliance. All the parties have put their whole energy in the election battle so that they can win this election. 

AAP's Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is in Punjab to promote his party and his party is going door to door in the Malwa belt of the Punjab because maximum numbers of seats come from this region. Congress, which is otherwise hopeful of win is also worried about the increasing influence of AAP and they know that AAP can play a role of game spoiler for Congress. Meanwhile, we do also have many election polls and survey results in front of us from media houses. 

Most of these surveys are pointing one thing clearly that Congress is more likely to emerge as single largest party in the state or win an absolute majority. However, there is also the contradiction in these surveys because some surveys are showing that AAP and BJP-Akali Dal as winners. 

However, if we combine all the surveys, then the results may go this way. Congress at first position, AAP at second and BJP-Akali Dal at third. But, it is common that results may come different than the surveys so we can wait till 11th March, 2017 to know the exact results. 

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