Haryana Assembly Election 2014 opinion Poll

Haryana, Assembly, Election, 2014,
On 15th October, 2014 Haryana state of India will go to assembly polls. The results of these elections will be available on 19th Oct, 2014. Like Maharashtra assembly election, all political parties are going alone in the Haryana assembly election.

The main political parties in Haryana are BJP, Congress, INLD and HJC. Congress has government in the state for the last ten years. In Loksabha election, BJP has an alliance with HJC but after the poor performance of HJC is Loksabha election, it decided to go alone in Haryana.

Now we have few opinion polls by TV channels like ABP, India TV for Haryana assembly election 2014.

All these opinion polls point in the same direction that BJP will emerge as the single largest political party in Haryana by winning 30 to 36 seats.

As per surveys, INLD will emerge as second largest political party by winning 22 to 27 seats. Congress will be in third place with 13 to 17 seats and HJC at fourth place with with 8 to 12 seats.

In general, opinion polls are based on very small samples (3000 to 5000); therefore, it will not be right to completely trust them.

We need to wait till 19th Oct to see actual results for Haryana Assembly Election 2014.

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