Exit Poll Results for Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly Election 2014

Haryana, Maharashtra, Exit Poll, Results
After the end of voting in Haryana and Maharashtra Assembly election 2014, we are getting some exit poll results by leading news channels. Exit poll results are available from ABP news, Aajtak, India TV, News Nation etc.

As per the exit poll results BJP is going to emerge single largest political in Maharashtra and Haryana by winning 120 to 140 seats and 35-46 seats respectively.

Highlights of Exit Poll

1) BJP to emerge the single largest party in both Maharashtra and Haryana
2) BJP+Shiv Sena can get 200 in Maharashtra Assembly Election
3)  BJP to get complete majority in Haryana as per ABP News and News 24 Exit Poll

Possible Results after combining all Exit Poll Results

Exit Poll Results Maharashtra Assembly Election 2013

BJP               125-145   (Vote Share  27-30%   Plus 14-16%)
Shiv Sena      50-77      (Vote Share  20-22%    Plus 1-2%)
Congress       37-47      (Vote Share  17-19%)
NCP              33-40       (Vote Share  13-15%)
MNS               5-15
Other              5-15

Exit Poll Results Haryana Assembly Election 2014

BJP            39-56   (Vote Share  31-33%)
Congress    8-14    
INLD         23-34
HJC             2-6     (Vote Share  8%)
Others         3-6     (Vote Share  14-15%)

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