Your Opinion Counts, Cast your Vote and make India strong

Cast your vote, Loksabha election, 2014
Today, I felt very proud and happy when I saw a great enthusiasm in people for casting their vote in Loksabha election 2014. All elections are conducted around the world to know the opinion of people because in a democratic country, it is the common people who decide next government.

Today, more and more numbers of people are becoming aware of their right and they don't miss an opportunity to cast their vote. The only method available in front of people to make strong democracy is to cast a vote.

By properly using the power of the vote, common people can change the look of whole nations and Indian politics. Earlier, people were either not aware of this power or they were in the condition of doubt.

Many people have this belief that what a single vote can do? However, now people know that a single vote when combined with millions of other single votes can create a history.

If we want to make our democracy strong, then it is our duty to cast our vote and make the democratic system of India stronger.

Today, the level of awareness is very high among the common people and it is not possible for political parties and leaders to fool them.

As the people of India will start using their votes in a right way, soon we will see pressure on Indian politicians to perform and deliver.

Still at numbers of places, we can find few people divided on the communal and caste lines, this is bad. I hope that people will only vote for a candidate who is good and not a candidate who is from their caste or community ore religion.

India is a multi-religion, multi-caste nation and we can't allow leaders to divide us and steal our votes.

Today's public wants answers from politicians and it knows very well wrong tactics used by politicians to easily win elections.

Therefore, I hope that every Indian will vote freely in Loksabha election 2014 and choose a better government for us.

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