Rakhi Sawant's Entry into Politics, Will you vote for her and Will Rakhi Swant win Loksabha election 2014?

Rakhi Sawant, Loksabha poll, 2014,
Rakhi Sawant is one such actress who knows perfectly well to get how to get publicity or how to remain in the news? This time, she is in the news for her reason to fight Loksabha election 2014.

She will be contesting from Mumbai North-West constituency. She has even created a new political party with Name "Rashtriya Aam Party (RAAP)" and her election symbol is green Chili.

Rakhi's says that she has decided to enter politics after her supporters and people of her asked her to fight elections. She further said that she is very unhappy with the current working style of leaders and politicians; therefore, she decided to enter politics herself.

Confident Rakhi Swant can be seen on multiple TV channels promoting her new political party and taking part in political debates.

Earlier, Rakhi Swant was in the support of BJP and she still endorses Narindra Modi. She says that she was offered an election ticket from Srirampur in West Bengal; however, she refused because she wanted to contest from Mumbai or from a Hindi speaking belt.

Rakhi Sawant claims that if she will be given a chance, she will emerge as a good leader and work for the welfare of people.
Rakhi Sawant, Loksabha poll, 2014, Mumbai

The fight for Mumbai North-West seat will not be easy for Rakhi Sawant because she will have to contest against Gurudas Kamat of Congress and Former Union Minister, Gajanan Kirtikar of Shiv Sena, Mahesh Manjrekar of MNS, Kamaal R Khan of SP and Mayank Gandhi of AAP.

Despite all these candidates, one thing is sure that Rakhi Sawant has emerged as one of the hottest candidates for this seat and she can give a good fight.

However, on the question for her win, there is a big question suspense?

Rakhi Sawant enjoys a huge popularity in India and now, it depends that she succeeds in converting this popularity into votes or not.

Whether Rakhi Sawant wins or not? But one thing is clear that she has glamorized Looksabha election 2014.

You can register your opinion below in the comment section that Rakhi Sawant will win or not? 

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