Exit Polls/Opinion Polls Uttar Pradesh (UP) Assembly Election 2012

India's one of biggest and politically complex state is Uttar Pradesh (UP). Presently, UP is going through seven phase polling and results for all phases will be declared on 6th March, 2012. There are many issues in UP like extreme poverty, shortage of water and electricity, corruption, religious divide, caste divide, under growth, unemployment and many more. There are four main political parties and alliances taking part in UP election and there are hundreds of other small parties. All this make it very difficult for any political analyst to predict final outcome of UP Assembly Election 2012. Last time during 2007 UP assembly election, all exit/opinion polls predicted hung assembly in state; however, Mayawati lead BSP surprised everyone by winning absolute majority in state. This time also situation is same in UP and we can hope for some surprising results on 6th March, 2012. To read in detail visit Who will win Uttar Pradesh (UP) Assembly Election 2012? Opinion Poll

 There are few print and TV media exit/opinion polls available in front of us and all of these polls are predicting hung assembly in Uttar Pradesh with Samajwadi Party emerging single largest party by winning 120 to 150 seats. Main surprise of these polls is 80 to 120 seats for Congress alliance. According to polls, BSP will loss half of seats and will get near about 100 seats. Condition is BJP is likely to remain same with 50 to 70 seats. If these poll prediction goes right then it is bad news for people of UP because they will again see a new phase of political uncertainty in state.
Who will 2017 Assembly Election Uttar Pradesh

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  1. there are no any chance for congress for get even 50 to 75 seats in up net prediction is
    sp 120 BSP 100 BJP 115 cong.55 and others 13.


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