Who will win Punjab Assembly Election 2012? Opinion Poll

After Uttar Pradesh, we will see furious political battle in Punjab 2012 Assembly Election. Here two arch rivals Congress and Shiromani Akali Dal will face each other. Voting for Punjab Assembly 2012 will take place on 30th Jan, 2012 and counting of votes will take place on 4th March, 2012. For more detail visit-  Punjab Assembly Election 2012 All Dates.  If we go by history then Punjab is governed by alternative governments of these parties only. Present government in Punjab is of Akali Dal which formed government in Punjab after 2007 Assembly Election with the support of BJP. There are total 117 Assembly seats in Punjab Assembly; therefore, it is very important for any party or alliance to secure 59 seats to make next government in state. In 2007 Punjab Assembly Election, Akali Dal and BJP alliance registered win in 67 Assembly seats (Akali Dal 48 and BJP 19) and Congress registered win in 44 seats. 5 independent candidates also registered win in this election. In 2007 Assembly election, BJP showed great performance by winning 19 seats out of 23 seats fought by it. This was best performance by BJP in Punjab ever and it helped Akali Dal to make an alliance government in state.

 In 2007 Assembly election, Vote share of BJP-Akali was 45% while of Congress was approximately 41%. Though, in 2009 Loksabha election we saw major decrease in vote share of BJP-Akali alliance and major gain for Congress because Congress registered win in 8 Loksabha seats out of 13 total seats while BJP-Akali secured win just 5 seats (BJP-1 and Akali 4). The major concern for BJP-Akali alliance is that it is very hard for BJP to maintain same performance and it is likely to loss some seats. BJP can expect win in 10-15 seats this time with loss of 5 to 10 seats. On the other hand, Akali Dal is likely to maintain same tally or see minor decrease in seats; therefore, we can expect win for Akali Dal in 40 to 50 seats. On the other hand, Congress is likely to maintain a higher vote share of 45 to 47% and therefore, we can see gain in seats of Congress from 10 to 15. With all this input, it looks that Congress has clear edge over Akali BJP alliance; though, we are required to wait for final results to get exact results.

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