Who will win Madhya Pradesh (MP) Assembly Election 2013? Opinion Poll

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Assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh will take place by the end of this year. Madhya Pradesh is one of biggest states of India, and therefore, everyone is interested in knowing the mood of people in MP. From last two assembly elections, BJP has emerged the winner in MP, and they hope to repeat this performance again. Present Chief Minister of BJP Shivraj Singh Chouhan is a popular leader, and the party hopes to win assembly election the third time in a row. However, everyone knows that it is not going to be as easy as it seems. Congress is the main rival party in Madhya Pradesh with some presence of SP and BSP. In 2003, BJP came to power with a landslide victory by winning 172 seats out of 230 seats. However, in 2008 assembly election, BJP retained power but it failed to hold same support, as it won 30 seats less than 2003 results. However, it was a commendable job for BJP and CM Shivraj to retain power. In next two-three months, 2013 assembly elections will take place in MP and again, the same question is present in front of us that whether BJP will retain power or Congress will win? These elections are very important for both these parties because a win in MP assembly election will increase chances of a win in 2014 Loksabha election.

 Now let’s separately discuss the scope of BJP and Congress in 2013 Madhya Pradesh Assembly election.

Chances of BJP- Many opinion polls and surveys believe that BJP will again come to power in Madhya Pradesh. In Madhya Pradesh BJP, RSS and other Hindu organizations have a strong base at ground level; therefore, it will be much easier for them to convert this support into votes. The other strong point for BJP is the popular and clean image of CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan. He enjoys a great support of people in MP. With the projection of a popular leader with the clean image for CM, BJP has gone one step ahead of Congress.

Chances of Congress- The main factor on which Congress can rely most is the anti-incumbency factor in MP. In past there are reports of scandals and corruption done by present BJP government; therefore, Congress will definitely like to highlight these issues to get the support of people. Further, there are many places in MP where people are still fighting for basic necessities like water, electricity and good roads. In such constituencies, Congress can hope to get an advantage of anger of people. The biggest disadvantage for Congress is no announcement of the single name for next CM of MP.

Final Verdict- If we go through all surveys, opinions polls, present trends, reports and inside inputs by locals then BJP clearly has an edge in Madhya Pradesh Assembly election 2013. So far, Congress look behind BJP in Madhya Pradesh; however, it is difficult to exactly predict a clear picture and final results may differ.

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