Narendra Modi as PM candidate of BJP, What is stored next for him and BJP?

Modi, as PM, Loksabha Election, 2014
As anticipated from many months, Finally BJP announced to world that Gujarat CM Narendra Modi will be its PM candidate for 2014 election. With this news, a wave of happiness has spread across his fans and supporters because they were waiting for this news from many months. Earlier, there were news in media that BJP might delay announcement of his name as BJP’s PM candidate for 2014 Loksabha election till the completion of assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh; however, today top BJP leadership with the support of RSS announced his name. Senior BJP leader L K Adwani didn’t give his support to Narendra Modi as he did same in past. But, most of other leaders of BJP are in clear mood to announce his name, and so they did. This is a great win for Narendra at home front to become a strongest leader in party.

Today, there is no doubt in this fact that Narendra Modi is most popular leader of India and he is top choice for PM among common Indians. Large numbers of people see him as a development oriented leader and they hope to see improvement in their lives if he becomes next PM of India. Almost all opinion polls and surveys are in his favor; however, still he need to travel a long way to reach high post of India. Narendra Modi has done a miracle in Gujarat by winning Gujarat Assembly elections three times in row. Now BJP and his supporter want to see same performance by him at center.

Narendra Modi, PM, Loksabha Election, 2014

Narendra Modi is a strong leader with wide experience of politics. Before becoming CM of Gujarat, he worked in different states of India for the success of BJP in elections, and this experience will definitely help him in making a positive impression on central politics. At present, NDA is very weak and it needs strong allies to strengthen its reach. With present structure of NDA, it is very difficult for Narendra Modi to achieve this success. But we also know strong leadership qualities of Narendra Modi, and his ability to work hard.

For BJP, Narendra Modi is definitely a good bet because otherwise, they don’t have any alternative. Without Narendra Modi, BJP can never think for replacing Congress. BJP may have many big leaders in it, but it doesn’t have any leader as popular as Modi. Therefore, BJP has not done anything wrong because they don’t have any other choice. With the announcement of Narendra Modi’s name as PM candidate, BJP is likely to improve its election tally.

Overall, it is a good move by BJP, and it was demand of time. Now, it depends on many factors that what will be the outcome of 2014 Election? At the end, I will definitely want to say that whatever many be the results of 2014 Loksabha election, but it is certain that Narendra Modi is going to create an impact for BJP. 

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