Narendra Nodi as a Next Prime Minister of India?

Before, Gujarat Assembly election it was believed that Narendra Modi needs to win this election first to make his claim for Prime Minister post at centre. Now Gujarat Assembly election results are out and Narendra Modi has created a history by winning Gujarat Assembly election for straight fourth time with a huge margin.

This win, In Gujarat Assembly election 2012 has put Narendra Modi as strong contender for PM post. Large numbers of his fans want him projected as BJP’s Prime ministerial candidate for 2014 Loksabha election. Many BJP leaders have also raised their voices in the support of Narendra Modi and all this clearly indicates that big group in BJP wants to project him as PM candidate of BJP for forthcoming Loksabha election.

The main reason behind this support is wide spread popularity enjoyed by Narendra Modi across India. Moreover, BJP does not have many choices with it as there is no other leader in BJP which can complete dream of BJP’s win in 2014 Loksabha elections on his own. Narendra Modi’s projections as BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate can give BJP edge at many places where it has lost its ground. Most of present leaders of BJP have lost their popularity and they can not make BJP to win 2014 Loksabha election.

The major worries of BJP are opposition of Narendra Modi by some BJP’s alliance partners and lose of minority votes. However, many leaders in BJP clearly know that major Minority votes will not come to BJP whether it project Narendra Modi or not because BJP never enjoyed strong vote bank among minorities. If BJP projects Narendra Modi then it can succeed in polarizing votes in its favor and giving big fight to Congress and other political parties.

BJP may win or not 2014 Loksabha Election under Narendra Modi; however, it is likely to gain has party if it go by this choice. Many independent surveys have also reported Narendra Modi as favorite choice among voters as PM choice. Under present condition, Narendra Modi can be a good choice of BJP for PM; however, it totally depends on BJP whether it is ready to take this risk or not.

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  1. There is no other candidate for PM except Narendra Modi,, There is no room for debate..

    I am sitting in ghaziabad UP and supporting Modi shows his popularity based on his performance in Gujrat..

    Hemant Tyagi

  2. its true
    modi became next PM of india 2014

  3. Modi will be next PM

  4. Narendra Modi will be our Next PM. He has the quality and vigor to lead India to a top level. Only the other leaders in BJP should agree with it. Rather than looking to personnel gains, they should look for the Party's benefit. United they stand, they can definitely win 2014 Election. Or we have to live with the same old Congress apathetic ruling.

  5. Narendra Modi is a great leader.. we want him,for our nation.


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