Exit Poll Results Jharkhand and Jammu Kashmir Assembly Election 2014

Jharkhand, Jammu Kashmir, Assembly Poll, 2014
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Today, with the completion of the last phase of assembly election 2014 in Jharkhand and Jammu Kashmir, five phase voting has come to end. Now we will get the final results of election on 23rd December after 8 AM when the counting will start.

At present, we have exit poll results from various news and survey agencies. As per these exit polls, BJP can make next government in Jharkhand while it will be hung assembly in Jammu Kashmir whereas PDP will emerge single largest political party as per the exit polls.

As per these Exit Poll Results for the Jharkhand (Total Assembly Seats 81)

All exit polls are predicting BJP's win in the Jharkhand assembly election.

BJP will get 42 to 54
Congress 4-9
JMM 14-19
others 8-11

In Jammu Kashmir out of 87 Assembly seats, the major political parties will get

PDP  32 to 38 seats,
BJP 27-33 seats,
Congress 4-10
NC 8-15

This trend shows that PDP will emerge single largest political party in the state and BJP will be the biggest gainer in state. However, no single party will be able to make next government in Jammu Kashmir on its own. To make a government in the state, two or more political parties are required to come together.

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