Who will win Loksabha Election 2014? Final update (Opinion Polls)

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Loksabha election 2014 are just one month away from now; it is right time to make some final comments. In this series, I wrote my first article last year on Jan 30, 2014. You can read this article here Who will win 2014 Loksabha Election in India? Predictions/Opinion Poll. In last one year, many things have changed in Indian politics and all such things are likely to affect the final results of Loksabha election 2014.

About Online Poll- First of all, I will like to show the results of the small online poll, which I added below earlier article and asked readers to give their choice for favorite party or alliance for the 2014 Loksabha poll. At that time, there was no presence of the Aam Admi Party (AAP) so it is not listed below.

This poll got a total of 3507 votes.

2747 (78.33%) people showed support for the BJP lead NDA
487 (13.89%) people showed support for Congress lead UPA
107 (3.05%) for Third Front
166 (4.77%) for Hung Loksabha

Here, let me clear you one thing that this is a small poll containing small people and numbers of them may be true voters of India. Therefore, it is not right to blindly believe this data.
Loksabha polls, 2014, NDA, BJP

Second, this data don't give any idea of the damage caused by AAP to other political parties.

What opinion polls are saying? In last one week, many News Channels and Print Media channels have also given their final predictions. Most of these results give a near about same predictions.

All these predictions are favoring BJP lead NDA; however, an interesting thing is that no one is giving the complete majority to NDA. As per these predictions, BJP lead NDA is likely to get 200 to 240 seats.

All these predictions are also clear on the bad performance of the Congress lead UPA and they are giving it 100 to 150 seats.
Loksabha, 2014, prediction, Congress

Third front which has no official presence is given 150 to 180 seats.

The simple meaning of these predictions is that BJP lead NDA will be most near of formation of next government; however, to do so it will require the support of other parties like TMC and AIDMK.

Or the second probable picture is formation of third front government with the outside support of Congress.

What I Say? - I have been actively covering Loksabha and seat elections from the last fifteen years and in these years, I have got lots of insight on Indian politics. With time, many things have changed in Indian politics and present Indian voters are much wiser than their earlier generations.

Now people understood well vote politics of all political parties and they are aware of wrong practices present all political parties. Therefore, I believe that final results can be very different than these predictions.

For the first time, we will have the option of using of none of the above button on EVM, which we can use when we don't like all of the above candidates. I expect good numbers of people using this option if they don't like a single candidate.
AAP, Aam Admi Party, Loksabha prediction, 2014

Moreover, the emergence of new political forces like AAP will affect outcome my Loksabha seats.

If we try to draw a picture of the future outcome of Loksabha election than BJP lead NDA looks ahead in this race but still behind the final mark. Congress lead UPA trailing in these trends.

However, from smart and educated Indian voters, we can expect that they will surprise by pressing the right button by putting hand on their heart.

It is in the hands on all of us to choose the right candidates for the next Loksabha election 2014.

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