Final Exit Poll Results Uttar Pradesh (UP) Assembly Election 2017

Check Live Result UP Assembly Election 2017

Many political observers have the view that Uttar Pradesh Assembly election 2017 is the rehearsal of 2019 Loksabha election. Therefore, we see all political parties making every effort to win the assembly election of Uttar Pradesh. For the last 20 years, the people of UP have seen the same fight between SP and BSP while BJP mostly in third place. This time, BJP has pushed it hard in the UP assembly election and all of its leaders, including Narindra Modi have addressed many poll campaigns in the state. In the last phase of UP assembly election, PM and his cabinet remain present at Baranasi for straight three days.

The main fight in UP is between BSP, SP-Congress combine and BJP. All these political parties have done everything to attract the voters of UP. However, only on 11th March, we will come to know that who will make next government in the state. Today, we will get results of all the exit polls and this will give us some clue about who is winning.

Final Exit Poll Results Uttar Pradesh (UP) Assembly Election 2017

Here are the Final exit poll results for the recently held Uttar Pradesh (UP) Assembly election 2017.

Main highlights of the Uttar Pradesh Exit Poll 2017

1) BSP likely to remain at the third place in UP Assembly election 2017.
2) There is a neck to neck fight between SP-Congress combine and BJP in UP.
3) Most of Exit polls have predicted BJP will emerge as single largest party in UP (Two are predicting complete majority of BJP) and SP is the second largest party.
4) UP may see a hung assembly after the final results. 

Likely Outcome of Uttar Pradesh Assembly election 2017 if we combine all exit poll results

BJP - 140-200
SP+ - 110-150
BSP-  60-90
Other 0-10

On 11th March, we will know exactly who will win in Uttar Pradesh and does exit poll predictions are right. If we go by the exit poll results, then BJP is likely to make the next government in UP; however, exit poll results have also failed in the past so we need to wait for sometime to see the real results.

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