Does the combination of Yadav-Muslim Vote bank will decide the fate of Bihar Assembly Election 2015

At present, Assembly elections are continuing in Bihar and on 8th Nov, 2015 we get the final results of these Bihar Assembly election 2015. As per all the exit/opinion polls, the fight in Bihar will be very tight and any alliance or party may win this election by slight margin only. Both JDU and BJP lead alliances have tried to fix the vote bank combination right for their alliance.

The main eye in this election is again on Yadav-Muslim vote bank which has helped Lalu Yadav three times to win Bihar assembly election. One of the main reasons of JDU in going for alliance with RJD is its strong presence among Yadavs and Muslims. In Bihar, Yadav-Muslim vote bank accounts for 32% (16% Yadav and 17% Muslim).

Now, this 32% vote bank has enough power to make or break the political party dreams. At present, it is not sure what will be the final trend in Yadav and Muslim voters; however, one thing is clear that if both decided to go for one alliance then no one can stop that political alliance from winning. BJP will never like that Yadav and Muslim vote bank units in Bihar and vote against it; therefore, they joined hands with many break-away Yadav leaders.

We hope that people will vote for the right candidates, then choosing the candidates, which belong to their caste or religion. However, the Bihar elections are always notorious for caste based politics. In the last Loksabha election, we saw some change and only on 8th Nov, we will know that this trend is still present or not.

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