Exit/Opinion Poll results for the Bihar Assembly Election 2015

Live Results Bihar Assembly Election 2015 

As we are nearing the Bihar Assembly election 2015 so we are also getting updates of all exit polls, opinion polls and poll surveys done by various media channels. In Bihar the main election fight is between JDU-RJD-Congress allianace and BJP lead alliance of multi-parties. These political alliances clearly suggests that no political party was confident of winning these elections alone so they joined hands with like minded parties.

In Bihar Assembly, there are 243 assembly seats and to make the government any alliance or party needs to winn 122 seats. I have all the poll surveys related to Bihar and they are saying one thing that there will be a tough fight on the ground. Some poll surveys have given the edge to BJP alliance and some have given edge to JDU alliance. However, in a nutshell, all exit polls suggest that there will be a difference of only 2-3% votes in the winning and losing alliance.

Though, both alliances are confident of winning the Bihar Assembly election 2015. Bihar assembly elections will be held in five phases and the final results will be declared on 8th Nov, 2015.

When we go by the opinion polls of IndiaTV (C-voter) and Zee News, then it looks that BJP lead alliance looks to have a narrow edge over the JDU lead alliance winning 122-132 seats. 

However, ABP news (Nielson) opinion poll, JDU lead alliance to get 129 seats.

We can see a clear contradiction in the opinion polls about the final results of Bihar; however, all indicating a tough fight.

Opinion Poll Results for Bihar Assembly Election 2015 (Combined)

BJP+   118-135
JDU+   115-129
Oth       10-18

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